“Display it in a place where you will see it often, as a daily reminder of what you want.”

We are well into 2016 now, and for some of us, the dust has settled on our resolutions—or intentions, as I prefer to call them. The settling dust is now collecting, which brings a new meaning to the term “spring cleaning.” Spring brings a rebirth, which presents an opportunity to revisit our goals, clean out the cobwebs of things no longer serving us, and spring into action with a renewed vision.

There are many different ways to go about bringing your vision to life, and one of the best ways is to create a vision board. This is more than cutting out some dreamy images from the glossy magazines, though; there is a dedicated purpose behind the task. Many professional athletes and highly successful individuals use visualization techniques as a training tool to keep their focus. The mind is very powerful, and with a clear vision, the board becomes an extremely effective tool in positively influencing our mindset. A vision board becomes our guiding map as we navigate our daily lives, keeping us on target and our actions aligned with our wants and desires.

How do you create a vision board? Before you even snip that photo of the Eiffel Tower out of Travel & Leisure magazine and break out the glue gun, the first step is to grab a pen and paper and spend some time writing down your goals, in specific detail. Without clarity, the vision will fall flat. Spend time focusing beyond the things you may want in your life, and more importantly, on how you want to feel. Ask yourself, what would it feel like to have the things you want?

Imagine you are ordering your “perfect day” from Instacart. To have it delivered, you have to create a shopping list of ingredients for your perfect day, and you need to describe it to the Instacart shopper, so she can deliver your goals and dreams to you. Creating your list in detail is hugely important. Otherwise, it’s like putting “apple” or “tomato” on your list. You may know you want a green apple, or cherry tomatoes, but if you don’t add that specificity on your list, you may not be as happy with your delivery, if it’s not the variety you anticipated. You still may get an apple and a tomato, but you’ll be feeling less than satisfied. It’s all in the details.

To become more clear, let your imagination rule without any judgement. Quiet the inner naysayer and freely create your detailed list of goals and desires. What does your perfect day look like? Who is with you? What are you doing? How do you feel? Write it down. When the words are put on paper, it is more likely that the message will connect to opportunities. The act brings attention to your intention. Now that there is clarity to your goals, it will become far easier to create your vision board.

There are no steadfast rules when making your vision board: you should get as creative as your mind allows. This is your opportunity to express your wants, goals, and desires, without any limits. With your perfect day in mind, you can flip through magazines, photos, books, articles and other sources to find the images and words that match your shopping-list dream ingredients. After you’ve snipped and pasted, then your vision board is ready to be displayed.

Although I said there are no rules, if there were to be one, then it would be that your vision board be visible—to you. Display it in a place where you will see it often, as a daily reminder of what you want. Maybe even take a picture of your vision board and keep it on your mobile phone.

Guess who else would enjoy creating a vision board? Your kids. Get them involved in the process and watch their imagination take flight. Kids offer a unique perspective that is helpful for adults to try to mimic—they create without letting the negative mind interfere. Whether they are old enough to grasp the concept of goals or not, they most certainly will have fun envisioning their perfect day. As a mama, you get an opportunity to bond and gain further insight into their dreams. Their vision may even help inspire yours.

The last step, and ultimately the most important one, is to take action. Your vision board becomes a motivational tool and also helps you to make decisions that are in direct alignment with your goals. When you look at it daily, envision your vision, as if it has already happened. Have you heard that saying “I’ll believe it when I see it”? Well, there is some truth to that statement. As I said, the mind is powerful, and by creating your vision, it will aid in manifesting your desires. Spring your vision to life. Spring into action today.

Think it. Write it. See it. Believe it. Do it.

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