Eyebrows can frame your eyes like a beautiful frame helps a painting or photo take its place on the wall. So shaping them is important! Before you embark on your own handiwork, though, here are some guidelines to avoid plucker’s remorse.

A mirror and tools needed for plucking.BEFORE YOU START:

  • Clean the area free of make-up and any creams or lotions.
  • Good lighting is really important. I recommend sitting by a window if you can’t actually sit outside, in natural daylight.
  • Even with the 20/20 vision, it’s not a bad idea to use a mirror that magnifies slightly.
  • Use a spooly brush or another type of suitable brush to brush the hairs in the direction they grow. If necessary, you can trim the longer “grandpa hairs” with a small scissors. Hold the scissor on the top line of the brow, from the outside, and point in toward the bridge of your nose.
  • Big eyes do best with a fuller brow. Use the width of your upper lip as your guide.
  • Smaller eyes need a thinner or more sculpted shape to open the eye area.
  • If your brows are high over the lid, a heavier brow may give a more balanced look.
  • Should your brow sit close to your eye, you’ll want to keep it thinner to avoid an angry look.


  • Take a brow pencil and outline your brow, creating a stencil with which to work.
  • Use a sanitized, slanted tweezers to pull hairs in the direction they grow.
  • Gently lay a pencil vertically along the side of your nose. This will indicate where your brow should begin just right or left of your nose. Then mark this spot with a brow pencil. Do not tweeze beyond the mark you’ve made.
  • Now lay your pencil from corner of your nose across your cheek to the corner of your eye. Mark again. This is how long your should extend. Finally, looking straight into the mirror, make a dot in your brow that aligns with the outside of the iris of your eye. This indicates where the arch of the brow should be.
  • Use the brow pencil and outline your brow, creating a stencil to work within.
  • Begin by tweezing the hairs outside of your stencil. Then begin tweezing along your stencil’s lines.
  • Keep in mind that you may need to do this for the next couple of months until you achieve the final desired shape.

Good luck and good brow arches!

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