how to make a fairy garden

Fairy tale characters have been with us since the begining of story telling. They have become a part of the creative fabric that helps teach life skills, and relationship building. They are our entertainment in the form of bedtime stories, movies, television series, costumes and one of our recent Real Mom Daily favorites; the fairy garden.

Fairy gardening? What kind of “woo, woo” thing is this?  

Remember Lionel train sets? What about a doll house? Well, think of a fairy gardenfairy garden decoration in the same way. These miniature pieces of art, turn into creative terrene that grow with your imagination. Creativity fosters mental growth in children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, and new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Fairy gardens are a fun way to expand and truly dance between the world of reality and fantasy. Anyone of any age can make a fairy garden.

I’m in! Now how do I make a fairy garden?

Making a fairy garden is so simple, once you collect all your required accessories. Although, we have to admit, you may need to spend a little money, it shouldn’t take much.

hand made fairy gardens


At first, make different layers with the help of the broken terracotta pot lips, use potting soil to fix them in position.

At the top place the house and put some heavy stones inside it so that it stands firmly.

Plant your choice of small plants in different layers of your garden, it would be better if you start with the succulents as they don’t need much care.

Position your fairy statues in the front of or around the house.

If you want you can make a mini birdhouse from cardboard and place it beside the house.

Now on an 18-inch saucer spread some pebbles and place the broken pot fairy garden on it.

Some tips

  • fairy gardening tips


    Make sure to have a proper drainage system in your fairy garden so that the water   does not get stuck in one place. The water should flow from top to bottom smoothly when you water the plants.

  • You must water your plants as low as possible to avoid the loss of soil from around them.
  • When you see the weather is harsh outside then don’t forget to bring your fairy garden indoors.
  • Place your fairy garden on a window sill or anywhere you think it will receive indirect sunlight.


If you’ve already found yourself with the kids, in a fairy gardening shop, you’ve heard the squeals of delight and felt the overwhelm with their newly found need for the bucket of  “mini soda pops on ice” or that “blue retro bistro set” that stand only 1 inch high.  Suddenly all of their pocket money is spent and you’re forking out even more, just to keep the peace as you pile into the car and head home. 


Yes, beautiful accessories, from a local fairy gardening shop are fun.


In our opinion;  making something out of the natural elements we find, turn our fairy gardens into somthing truly unique.  The kids may not like this idea at first,  but there enlies the adventure.

Fairies make sport out of turning something useless into something useful.
Fairy Gardening 101


If you’re going to be the landlord of fairies, use nature as your architect! Is that knot in the tree a perfect spot for the fairies in your backyard to move into? Can the twigs the kids gather become a bridge? What about that empty spool of thread, couldn’t that be used as cafe table? You can find all of these without ever having to get in the car or open your wallet. 

  •    Acorns
  •    Twigs
  •    Stones/pebbles
  •    Pinecones
  •    Rotten tree barks
  •    Some plants (mosses, succulents)
  •    Broken terracotta pots
  •    Potting soil
  •    Buttons
  •    Beads


Twigs become ladders by binding the pieces with hot glue. Tie colorful embroidery threads to add details. Place this ladder beside your fairy house so your fairies can climb to the roof and enjoy the view of the garden in 360 degrees. Here’s another fun trick! Turn ordinary stones into magical ones by painting the stones in shiny silver color and place them beside the fairy house.

With a small piece of colorful fabric, make a hammock for the fairies. All you need to do is cut the fabric in the shape of a leaf and tie the embroidery threads on both the ends. Now plunge two pieces of twigs in the soil facing opposite to each other. Tie the ends of the threads already attached with the fabric to these twigs. That’s it, your fairy hammock is ready.

We’re  sure your kids will love this idea and will be inspired to do something like it in their own, different ways. For more creative activities check out our Real Mom Daily ART STOP section here!

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