So, you may or may not have heard of Montenegro, a tiny European country in the Balkans. Harrison Ford, Naomi Campbell and Rita Ora have all been here and had a blast, but is it good enough for you and your family?

I can tell you that what it lacks in size, it certainly more than makes up for in its choice of activities to do with your children. After all, the country is lined with beaches, and we all know what that means –swimming, snorkeling, and lots of splashing. What is more, there are other attractions, too. Let me give you a few tips on where to go, and what to pay attention to when travelling to Montenegro with the cutest companions possible.





Durmitor National Park

Indeed, there was a mention of the beaches, but let’s start from here. What you’ll love about this place in comparison to the other national parks you have visited is the fact that it’s not at all touristy. Therefore, you can teach your children how to really relish the nature and all its wonders. Enjoy the relaxing strolls, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and let your kids run around as much as they want! By the way, the park was declared to be a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Skadar Lake

From a mountainous area, right into the cool water of the Skadar Lake! This is the largest lake in the Balkans, and it’s extremely interesting to observe all the biodiversity around you if you take one of the boat tours along the lake. There are 40 species of fish, as well as a bird sanctuary, and the landscape is stunning. While the kids have fun swimming, parents can have a sip of some strong Montenegrin Vranac wine to fully experience the area. Also, you can spark the children’s imagination by making a stop in the nearby coastal town of Ulcinj – it used to be a pirate stronghold!

Becici Beach, Becici

A bit difficult to pronounce, but it’s a real pleasure to be there! This is a pebbly-sand beach, hence there won’t be too much of a mess when you get to your accommodation. The Adriatic Sea is great for swimming as there are rarely any big waves, and you will enjoy the view of the sea and the mountains and hills surrounding it. There are plenty of cheap snacks (and this is the case with all the beaches here) if you get hungry. Apart from swimming and snorkeling, there are paddle boards and kayaks for hire.


While Budva si also appealing with its beaches, it’s probably a bit too crowded for people with little children. The old town of Kotor is even more charming with its narrow, cobbled streets. If your kids love cats, they’re bound to enjoy it here! Plenty of kitties on the streets, and even a cat museum!

Finally, let’s talk practical details. I’ll skip the common pieces of advice about planning ahead, making sure you’ve packed enough supplies of diapers till your final destination – you are only too aware of it. Instead, let’s focus on the holiday tips for this particular country.

Transport first. As we have already mentioned, Montenegro is rather small (population: a bit over 600,000), which means you can visit a lot of places in a short time. The most attractive, historical towns are located on the coast, and sometimes you only need half an hour to get from one place to the other. The best solution would be to hire Book Transfer Montenegro. They have excellent reviews regarding the cleanliness, punctuality, and the overall service. In addition, once you get to Montenegro, you’ll be glad someone else is behind the wheel on the winding, narrow roads.

By the way, these charming little towns have lots of cobbled streets and stairways, so you’d better bear that in mind. Children’s menus haven’t really taken off here either, though you can buy proper baby food in any supermarket. What is more, you can really expect from the locals to help you with whatever it is that your family needs. The Montenegrins simply adore babies and kids, and as for your teenagers, you’ll see they will be making friends in no time.

Therefore, feel free to start making your packing list, and have a fun, active holiday with your kids!

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