Everything You Wanted to Know About Foot Scrappers (Including Cheese Graters)

Let’s be real, most of us aren’t fond of feet and we tend to neglect them. Absolutely no one wants cracked, dry, and unattractive feet, but it still happens to the best of us. Taking care of your feet is crucial to your overall health and has a greater impact on your body than you’re probably aware of. Moms, this is everything you ever wanted to know about foot scrapers!

Feet Care 101

Our feet carry our weight all day long and hold more pressure than any other part of our bodies. After a long day of working, running errands, or taking care of your kids, you’ll often find that your feet are sore and tired. Give your feet some love, girl! Most of us have a skincare routine, right? So, why shouldn’t we have a foot care routine?

When you take a shower, scrub your feet clean with a loofah or washcloth. If you’re experiencing dry or callused feet, a natural pumice stone is a great way to gently remove the dead skin and hardened calluses. When you get out of the shower, be sure to thoroughly dry your feet, including between your toes! Then, apply a thick moisturizing cream. You don’t want to moisturize in between your toes. Ideally, you want to keep this area dry and clean to prevent any kind of fungus growth.

The Holy Grail of Foot Scrapers

There are good foot scrapers and then there are awesome foot scrapers. You’re going to want to invest in an awesome foot scraper that’s sure to get the job done. Gross, we know, but totally necessary!

Some foot scrapers that are absolutely bomb are the basic foot file, and the electric callus file. The basic foot file is simple, effective, and great for everyday use. The electric callus file is best for those stubborn hard spots that the basic file just can’t get rid of.

How to Use a Foot File

cheese grater pedicures

Depending on how rough and dry your feet get, this routine is something you should do at least twice a week. Start with a 10 to 15-minute warm water soak. You deserve a spa-like experience, so throw in some effervescent bath salts and fragrant essential oils. Treat yourself, mama!

After setting the mood, you’re going to want to use a soft scrub brush to clean your heels and between your toes. Rinse and towel dry after. Now here comes the fun part! Using a heel file, file away at the callused and cracks areas, being gentle and not scraping away too much skin. Once your feet feel baby soft and smooth, apply your favorite foot cream and lock it in with a pair of fluffy socks.

Is the Cheese Grater Bad for Your Feet?

The microplane foot file, or better known as the foot cheese grater, is not recommended for filing calluses on feet. Although it can be effective, it can also be very dangerous. People tend to grate too much skin off their feet, leaving open sores. You never want to use any kind of sharp devices on the skin of your feet. This includes a razor, foot grater, metal foot file, heel scraper and nail ripper. These instruments are meant for medical professionals and could cause an injury.

Cheese Grater Pedicure

Picture this: you’re at the nail salon sitting in your giant comfy massage chair. You’ve been soaking your feet and you’re drinking a glass of wine, feeling relaxed and glamorous. And then your pedicurist pulls out the cheese grater for feet. You better run, mama! Or you could be less dramatic and ask your pedicurist to opt for a pedicure foot file instead.

Is a cheese grater pedicure illegal? In some states it is and in others it’s not. The pedicurist can’t feel when they begin to hit raw skin, which is why they often will draw blood. A callus grater looks just like something you would find in your kitchen. Even if you have rough spots, the skin on your feet is sensitive and should not be grated like cheese or zested like an orange.

Diabetic Foot Care

For the average person, an open sore is not the end of the world. But for a diabetic, an open sore can be incredibly serious. You should never use a foot grater on your feet if you have diabetes.

proper heel health without a foot file

Foot sores and ulcers on a diabetic’s feet can lead to serious health issues and even amputation. If you have diabetes, your physician has likely recommended you make a habit of checking your feet daily for any wounds.

Try not to go for pedicures either. We know, this stinks, but trust us it’s NOT worth the complications. You don’t want to run the risk of your pedicurist cutting your feet with an instrument that isn’t properly sanitized. Stick to at home foot care and be extra gentle with your foot routine. A diabetic should use a gentle washcloth or scrub on their feet and then apply a thick foot cream to prevent any dryness or cracking.

Surprisingly, foot care is just as important as any other type of beauty routine. Now that you’ve been educated on all things foot files and cheese graters, take the plunge and start pampering your feet! For more on style and beauty, visit our lifestyle blog!

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