It’s spring! That time of year when everything is brand new. The air is fresh, temperatures are mild, and the cold, wet mud is ready to give life to everything beneath our feet. I love spring, for it gives me a chance to get up, get out, and to do something to make a positive impact in this world around me! But what about those of us who are buried up to our eyeballs in the whirlwind of everyday life?

If you feel as if you don’t have a second to spare, I have a cheat for you: luxury haircare products that actually a real difference in our environment, quality of life, and social awareness. Pretty cool, huh?

Davines is an Italian product line, partnered with LifeGate’s Zero Impact Projects, known for emitting zero carbon emissions through their use of renewable electric energy to power its production plants. And this company also plants trees. Davines uses as little raw material as possible when manufacturing their packaging, relying mostly on recycled materials instead. They are also careful to partner only with salons that follow strict eco-friendly business practices.

Aveda is a long-standing product line, famous for its support of our environment. Aveda’s packaging practices are earth-friendly, relying almost 100 percent on wind-power energy sources. Their advertising campaigns often highlight awareness about recycling, waste reduction, and the impact of pollution. Aveda uses a larger range of organic ingredients, and they support indigenous populations in Brazil by purchasing raw materials directly from villages. And if you are feeling generous, keep a look-out for Aveda’s Light the Way candle project. For each candle purchased, Aveda will donate 100 percent of the profits to help provide clean water to villages.

Haircare lines such as Pureology and Kevin Murphy produce ingredient lists that boast low-level toxicity in their formulas as well as with their packaging. They also support less waste by creating super-concentrated products (one drop will do it!) contained in plastic bottles that use as little plastic as possible and that are easily recyclable. These two lines partner with the organizations Global Green USA and Green Circle Salons. Both help salons to considerably reduce waste as an industry. Global Green USA aims to transform cities, schools, housing, and to support the fight against climate change. They have initiatives in recycling resources, green construction, and waste-reduction awareness.

Who would’ve thought that by purchasing that bottle of conditioner you could advocate for so much change?

So get out there. Get gorgeous. And make a difference!

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