“As moms, it is important to be educated consumers and understand the technical terminology for looking out for dangerous chemicals.”

Once upon a time, all baby bottles were made of glass. However, over the past few decades they’ve switched to a lighter weight, unbreakable plastic version. But buyer beware! Studies have found plastic bottles can leach chemicals making them especially dangerous for babies fragile immune systems.

As moms, it is important to be educated consumers.  We need to understand the technical terminology so we can be looking out for dangerous chemicals. It’s time to do a little plastic container 101.

The most harmful chemicals in plastics:  #3 polyvinyl chloride which contain phthalates which are a softening agent used to make them supple and easy to hold on to, #6 polystyrene and #7 polycarbonates which contain BPA. These chemicals have been linked to cancer, diabetes, reproductive disorders and miscarriages in studies from the Center for Disease Control. Even BPA free plastics can be harmful and should be avoided when possible.

Glass bottles make food and drinks taste better. Glass does not hold onto taste and odor the way  plastic does and it is easier to clean out. Perhaps it’s even a better long term environmental investment. Studies say 80% of recycled glass can be reclaimed because the quality of the glass is not compromised. Therefore glass can be better for the environment and ultimately much more in keeping with a healthier, organic lifestyle.

The good news, there are now glass bottles with the safety of a plastic casing making them shatter resistant.  Companies are now designing them with a removable and interchangeable glass insert making them easy to use and easy to clean!

Here’s a cool find! The 5 Phases bottle company was invented by a mom for moms who want to be conscientious about greener choices for their babies and the planet. The bottle is glass and the protective, light weight case is BPA and phthalate free. All come with silicone nipple attachments which are safer for the baby than rubber/latex nipples. Many moms applaud the silicone version for durability as well as being safer for infants who may have sensitivity or allergies to latex. www.5phases.com

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