NANCY LEE ANDREWSlrgWhite hairs, platinum streaks, unruly wires, we all have a name for them. We all dread and do whatever we can to combat them. Yes, I’m talking gray hair and what to do about it! Roughly 70% of my clients ranging from middle 20’s on up call on my expertise to answer all kinds of questions regarding their graying tresses in hopes that I can to conjure up all types of solutions to this one pesky common denominator. And with women having children later in life do to blossoming careers, I have empathy for their pain. But the questions I want everyone to stop and to ask themselves are “is my gray really THAT bad,” “why do I think my gray is ugly,” and most importantly “do I find who I am today beautiful and am I thankful for that’’?

Before you can feel beauty you must identify what you are seeing as unattractive. Do you feel washed out from the lack of color pigment from the gray surrounding your face? Unkempt by the unruliness of it’s wiry texture? Do you see yourself looking haggard and aged beyond your years? Well, good news! I have a solution to every one of those blunders….including the monotonous trips to the salon trying to keep up with those annoying roots! We want to keep the visits fresh and fun right?

For those of you that have very dark hair or may be just starting your gray hair journey I like to recommend a semi permanent color treatment. These peroxide free treatments cast a translucent color over the strands creating a multi-tonal affect, often looking like subtle rich highlights. Blending away the gray producing a healthy shine that aging hair often lacks. Because the coverage is not opaque, the grow out line is soft and fluid resulting in less frequent trips to the salons ranging from every 7-8 weeks. Yay another perk!

50%-70% gray? Two great options for this! If you happen to be a blonde or a red head, multiple beige toned highlights add great natural warmth. At this stage you’ll need depth and dimension to brighten your complexion. Full bodied demi permanent color treatments like it’s semi permanent cousin, can add soft reflective tones with slightly more coverage giving the hair an all over more youthful appearance. Longevity? 10-12 weeks! Or if you have a darker base, loving the new texture but not the tone? I highly recommend shampooing with a violet shampoo twice a week to keep the unwanted yellow in check. Number of salon visits for this color regimen? Try none!


“Before you can feel beauty you must identify what you are seeing as unattractive.”

And for those of you who are 70%- solid platinum, this battle has not been lost! The game plan is just different. This is the moment when you look yourself in mirror to recognize what this gray hair holds to represent. Accomplishment, evolution, transformation and the beauty of self autonomy. This is the moment when instead of masking this gray hair, you celebrate it! And this is how you do it:

  • Crazy texture got you looking like a mad woman? Smooth it out with a straightening texture treatment and tone the color with a violet shampoo. Nothing looks more sharp then shimmering hair under control.
  • Lacking interest and style got you feeling a bit dated? Time for a funky cut. By this time there are no rules! Get experimental with new shapes and styling products.
  • Feeling as if you are resembling a ghost? Let’s focus on the face. Color can look great anyone at any age as long as it is shear. Translucent lips, soft cheeks, visible lashes, and defined brows reflect youthfulness. Trying new but subtle make up colors is an excellent way to look polished while expressing your creativity.

With the crazy lifestyles that we find ourselves having to adapt to, we must find ways to make life enjoyable. Learning to accept and to celebrate ourselves is one of the best ways to find joy. Take these tools, have some fun with your stylist while you allow them to help you to discover a special gratitude towards the evolution of your changing beauty.

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