green christmas advent calendar
synagogue in prague

Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity to find creative eco friendly solutions as a family. Real Mom Daily has created a family friendly countdown to a greener Christmas to share with your kids!

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Have you ever been to a Synagogue? What about a Quaker Meeting House or a Hindi Temple? Would you ever attend attend a religious or spiritual service other than your own?  At RMD we are asking our staff to visit a Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple or Meeting House other than their own this holiday season to help give our children the chance to see how other people worship and celebrate. Religion can be such a divider. It is our thought that by  acknowledging and experiencing the ideas, beliefs and cultures of others we can feel connected and even uplifted.  One small step in making our world a more accepting place is one small step towards having conversations with other cultures on how to take care of this planet.  

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