How to crack the curly-hair code with little children is the most common question I get. If you weren’t blessed with curly tresses yourself, then you might be somewhat lost if your baby turns out to be  a curly top.

The key thing to remember is moisture. Anything that will deliver, retain, and maintain moisture to the hair and scalp is your friend. Cleansing and conditioning the hair with natural products, such as MOP Pear shampoo and Mop C System moisture mask or Curlie Cutie Cleaning Crème, paired with a tea tree conditioner once a week, are great ways to nourish the hair shaft and scalp. I absolutely love the MOP Pear detangler, gently combed through curls after shampooing.

To retain curly hair’s healthy state, hydrating leave-in products are a must. These products should be light, for they will reside in the hair until your child’s next shampoo. Coconut oil or raw shea butter are the best options for coarser curls, which will soak up moisture like a sponge. These products also benefit dry scalps, which tend to go hand in hand with this hair texture.

Raw shea butter in a bowlCurls on the looser or finer side respond to lighter products, such as creams and leave-in conditioners. I recommend WonderCurl Get Slick Smoothie or MOP leave-in conditioner. These brands are designed to improve the health of the hair, therefore shampooing more than once a week is unnecessary. And give your child a synthetic fiber pillowcase to prevent moisture loss from the hair while she sleeps. This kind of pillowcase will help to cut back on hair tangling as well.

Good curly hair maintenance is a must. What this means for children with thick curls is a regular visit with the pros. Frequent hair trimming and protective styling (such as braids or locks) is a way of life for those who have twice the amount of hair as the rest of the population, so it’s best that we them get started early. Developing a relationship with a skilled barber or stylist is a great way for you and your kids to get educated on consistent home care and maintenance, as well as to ensure that your curly-haired children look and feel their best.

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