“To keep your new look as badass as you are, styling and haircare are critical.”

Now that winter is behind us, it’s time to lighten up! The season of dark, rich hues for hair color give way to light and bright colors—and highlights. The options are endless, and exciting.

If you are going for a warming glow, the Balayage technique is the perfect highlighting service for you. Tones graduating from a soft, subtle caramel to a lighter golden blond are applied three to four inches from the scalp to the ends of the hair. Balayage is my recommendation for those with medium to very dark hair, for there is very little contrast at the outgrowth thus requiring a lower level of commitment.

If you are looking to make a bolder statement, the Ombre technique of gradually melding together a wider range of lighter tones, processing two thirds of the total length of your hair, creates a more dramatic change. But like Balayage, the color application generally starts almost midway down the hair strand, making it a low-maintenance color service as well. I recommend Ombre for all hair colors.

If you are ready to step out of the dark completely, then go for the bleach! Nothing hollers spring louder than a head of blond highlights. Don’t be shy when asking your stylist for the full treatment when going for the gold, but be aware of the maintenance level you are working up to. Avoid the appearance of hair-color neglect by booking out your next few-up keep appointments before leaving the salon.

collage sun i made RTo keep your new look as badass as you are, styling and haircare are critical. Have your stylist help you choose a cut that will trim dead ends while adding a fun shape to your hair. Sliced angles with long messy fringe help to define the deep depths of multiple tones throughout your tresses. Loose braids paired with soft messy waves accentuate your new complex color patterns.

Ask for styling products that allow the hair to move and sway, such as sea-salt sprays, light creamy styling lotions, and flexible holding sprays. Nothing sticky, oily, or stiff, for this will just weigh the hair down making it appear greasy. And unfortunately to achieve the effect of the morning sun reflecting off your halo, peroxide has to part of the equation. But have no fear! Just make certain to arm yourself with plenty of moisture-rich cleaning products to safeguard your new beauty investment. Happy spring shimmering!

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