Don’t fear what hasn’t come to pass. This New Years week might see you facing some anxiety, but there is no need. Fear is only false evidence appearing real! As Gary Busey would say! Anyways try to have some fun and let go of the shackles of 2016. It’s going to be a beautiful one for you. Much more stress this year, but also much greater rewards for your efforts. Don’t let present circumstances dictate future outcomes and you should be good! Things can always change, in rapid succession! Love is another way for you to show your love to the world this week, don’t think of it in small minded individual terms and you will get along well!



I have a lot of faith that you will silently change many a folk this year. People are looking to you. They are trying to get you to find yourself and by golly you just might do it. Remember that you have to give up to go up and your spiritual life seems to be calling in many different ways. Self-love is the most important thing you can remember this year. Stress levels will be high, but so will your spirits for most of the year. Any lingering depressive thoughts will be shot out of existence! Remember that every action you take actually affects children and the next generation. You are very important, even if you get ZERO credit. You don’t need a medal. Go and succeed at work and in your love life! You’ve got this!


Your level of self-awareness has never been higher. You know exactly who you are this week and exactly what needs to be done. That’s a daunting thought and set of propositions, but without a commitment to those ideals, there won’t be much left for you to stand on. Morality is the only immortal pillar of this world Without it we mine as well have never existed in the first place. Dive into work this week, as it will show you many options for going forward in style into the coming weeks! Love is fun, but still a bit fragile, try to keep things simple for now.



You may have a lot to say, but sometimes talking to much isn’t positive. Every life breath we get is precious. It is energy to be used. How will you use it? Will it be a perfect world for you to enter into or will you get stuck in the old cycles of self- sabotage? Don’t do it. Your emotions may be wild, but choose unconventional actions that will give positive outlet to these requests from your spirit to break free. It will be a new year whether we are ready or not, that means new pattens and new waves in time. We may be in the matrix, but that matrix was still built by heaven. Evil has no roots in beings who don’t plant the seeds of it within. Cleanse the garden of your mind. You are a soldier of heaven, this week will show you how! Love is good for those with high ideals!


Don’t let your temper you ferry you into unknown territory this week. People might be trying to prod at you, but remember that those who lose their temper, also lose others respect. Now granted, there is a time and place to let loose with that inner anger demon. But before you do that, you had better think twice and make sure that you are not being actively baited into a trap! People want what you have. Make sure you guard it accordingly. But leave the gates down who appreciate you in a true sense! Discernment is the key of the week! Love is ok, but again fickle for the dating inclined!


Don’t get caught up in festivities, theres still work to be done! The real new years isn’t for a few weeks still. Keep things chugging along and let other people know what your plans are for going into the new year. Tell them what you will expect and don’t pull any punches. It should be a very authoritarian week, if you are to be successful. It seems like you need to expand and in a past haste fashion. Don’t look at the past right now, nor pay attention to any doubters. Don’t tell yourself that there is something special about your approach. Frankly there doesn’t have to be anything grandiose about your styling this week, just get the job done. Your mind may be wanting to drift, don’t let it. Keep sharp and you will progress. Love is good, but others may want you to indulge more than you should!


Try not to create any enemies this week. Just stay in your corner and wait for a better time to speak. People want to draw you into nonsense, but for the most part it won’t help you, nor will it make your position much stronger in the long-term. On the other hand if anyone comes looking for any advice this week you will be very able to provide that without any issues. Instead of taking time to be around the house, try to got and explore cultural sites around town. The best thing is to try and break the routine a bit this week. Love is solid if you have already met the new guy or gal. Meeting someone this week is a no go. Try to focus on kids and people who have no motives with your time. That’s your best bet this week!


Your life will take an interesting and unexpected turn this week. Flow with it. Don’t get caught up in the past right now. To heck with the past, it hasn’t done much for you lately has it? Just take your time and plot things out step by step. Any investigations you have will be successful this week. If you need to find out the truth, you will, rest assured….Watch out for bad relationships this week! They can beat you up and leave you feeling drained. Don’t take any offers this week of any kind frankly. Just plan and stick to your intuitive sense of direction!



You will be successful in 2017, but not from conventional means. You will be successfully by having an open heart and being flexible in terms of your own unique approach to life. Those who don’t change their theology in some meaningful way this year will inevitably fail. Don’t underestimate the evil that will come against you. Money and love is just energy. If its not flowing through you in a good way, neither will cash or love. Keeping harmony is only one part of the battle. You also have to help others do the same. Look for the love within this week!



You may feel like you have been betrayed a bit this week by outside forces. Sometimes you are just forced to fight. You have no real way backwards. Don’t take people so lightly. They mean business, as should you. Remember that your reputation is pretty much all you have for now, so take that and run with it. Others will support you because they know who you are and what you are trying to do. It’s not a good time to hide. Be front and center, clarify your intentions and move forward with confidence! Love is fun, if you can find it!



You will really take a lot of people by surprise this week with your actions. Don’t try to take too much to heart, as other people might have unexpected reactions to your behavior this week. You will enjoy your time in the sense of feeling really free to express yourself, but make sure to make as many concrete creative steps as you can in order to truly move forward. Creativity is a great way of getting rid of old pent up emotional patterns. Learning to fight may be good for 2017 as well, whether that is in chess or martial arts it matters not.




You will have everyone else’s best interests in mind this week, but is that really what matters? Your spiritual quest is your own to decide, but if you don’t plan it, then you might end up getting herded down the chute of un-fulfillment. Life is a beautiful thing and people will allow you the leeway to be who you really want to be at this time. It’s been a really tough time for those who feel alone, but remember that ultimately nobody is ever really alone. Do you see animals freaking out about loneliness? Usually not. The spiritual quest is the thing to keep in mind at this time. Love will find you, if you can keep your heart open to all possibilities. In order to have love, you first have to give it! Artistic energies are peaking now as well!

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