Will your moons align? Find out more about yourself and how you can improve your week all related depending on your horoscope sign.



Don’t be afraid to let your true thoughts be heard this week. It’s a good time to let people understand where you are really coming from. Your true motives are what will bring you to the other side of your quandary this week. Honesty is generally the best policy, other than silence. Silence is something Aries usually have to work to master but once they do… Well the results are pretty astounding. It’s a good week to pay it forward and find someone to teach something meaningful to, yes I’m talking about mentorship of a sort. Kids and adults alike need mentors. So don’t limit the spectrum of your search. Love works when there is a constructive project for both of you to work on. If it’s just you two staring at each other then there could be quarreling. Focus on fulfillment!


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I really hope that we can all take a page out of your book this week. This is a great time for you to rake in some dough. Try to pay it forward and give a chunk away to some meaningful cause if you receive a payday this week. Remember that money is like water and it is only actually healthy when it is flowing. Love is a bit difficult so remember to exercise your patience and compassion this week. You can’t have it all right? Spiritual studies are also favored this week, although meaningless distractions will abound. It’s up to you to make the higher-minded choices with your time this week! Family time is always a good choice this week.





Remember that your greatest strength this week is embracing your inner child. Just when everyone wants to get super serious about life, sometimes that is the best time to change it up and play the younger card. Play the fool so to speak. If you don’t lighten up then the emotional mood of this week might drain you. Even though we are out of cancer, emotional quandaries seem to want to dwell around you still. Those with children are actually the most favored at this time, because they will have easy access to that youthful spirit that will carry them through the week unscathed. Workmates want your wisdom and your lightheartedness, as people around you seem to be suffering from their own emotional afflictions as well!



It’s a perfect week to catch up on odds and ins. Remember that unfinished projects can loom heavily in your mind if you don’t organize things sooner or later. Try to put down your 5 most important objectives of the year on paper, so that you can focus on them. The energy this year has a tendency to keep your scattered and off balance if you aren’t looking straight ahead. Emotional fluctuation is one of the only things we as humans have the capacity to turn from a minus fifteen to a plus one hundred in life. Our emotions are our secret weapon. Some master them by becoming emotionless Zen masters; others master them by utilizing each and every emotional moment for some creative passion. No matter how you squeeze it, mastering emotions is a secret of the pros and it’s an overall key to your success in life dear cancer. Work on family and emotional flow and everything else will work itself out this week!




You might have a lot to get done over the coming weeks. Try not to judge yourself too harshly if you are failing to gather motivation. Your birthday time of year is actually your lowest energy time. As such it’s best to conserve energy and perhaps focus on deep healing modalities or subconscious enrichment at this time. Although it can be difficult for some Leo’s to pierce the veil of reality, this purported weakness of character can eventually become your strength. You obviously have the energy and the gusto to accomplish your dreams in life, but what about your internal objectives, that’s the focus of the week. You may get pulled to 100 different social functions, but if there isn’t any overarching meaning behind it, then why bother! As Thomas Szaas once said, “Your soul isn’t something you find, it’s something you create.”



Getting in touch with your inner hermit is a good call this week! And no that doesn’t mean running headlong into Pokemon Zombieland! Instead find a philosophical or deeply enriching creative pursuit to pursue. Others have plans for your life, but it is your plans for your own life are the most important right now. Finding a meaningful vacation to go on is a good thing for you’re to pursue as well. Perhaps there is always something that you have wanted to learn about or see with your family in person. However you slice it; it’s a nothing ventured-nothing gained kind of week. It’s a week about pushing your limits and testing your comfort zones, at home and at work. Love is stable, just don’t mail it in!





It may be time for a comeback. This week is solid for reintroducing long lost dreams or plans into your life. Just remember that it is imperative that you take your time in doing such. People are counting on precision of action at this time. Remember that haste makes waste and trying to do too many things can just set you back in the long run. If you need help, ask for it or pay for it. Only the best of efforts will make it by unscathed this week. Try to take yourself out for a walk occasionally. (Hey you do it for your pet’s right?) It will be good to clear your head and make sure you are not making any hasty decisions this week. It’s a great time for reviewing and contemplating your past works or other creations, refining what you need to and scrapping what is extraneous.



Give it your all this week. You should spend long hours outside working hard on constructive projects or getting away to some nature. People have a lot to say about you and your performance this week, just remember that it is important for you to try and not forget your roots. It’s a good time to contemplate the lives of your extended family. What were your great grandparents struggles? Where did they come from? Would they be proud of your efforts? I am a firm believer that we can make effect our family lines through our dharmic action in life. That’s just me but still it’s a good meditation to realize the struggles that faced generations before us. At which point our mountains may become molehills overnight in comparison to times past. Remember that you are a change agent and it’s important to use your deconstructive capacities for the good of all. Love is evolutionary this week, but that doesn’t always mean easy!




You may need to keep your friends company this week. They seem to be depending on you for your happiness. It’s been an odd few weeks with a lot of twists and turns, but hard work is what will keep pulling you through. You may be at an impasse and it’s a good time to look at new constructive projects or hobbies. Reading and writing remain productive along with helping the less fortunate. You attract your best luck when acting through the heart this week. Love is good for singles who are looking, but boring if attached. Take it as a cue to spice things up!




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Others might not want to admit it, but you have made a lot of progress in the past 6 months. It may be time to treat yourself to a small vacation or some other personal “splurge” items. Every once and a while something meaningful we can buy ourselves is a grand reward for the drudgeries of life! It’s a better time than the past few weeks for meaningful conversations as well. People are more likely to open up and allow you to heal past wounds at this juncture as well. The ocean and any creative ventures dealing with color are favored at this time. You can improve a lot of people in the next few years, but only if you keep improving. This goes for relationships, which can get stagnant next year if you aren’t careful. Next week is good for singles!





You would do well to spend time with animals this week to balance out the kind of wacky chi everyone else has at the moment. People might not be reacting in predictable ways, but just write it off as a strange week. Find time to work on your own projects and ignore any off the wall distractions. Color is important for you this week, so looking to spruce up colors in surroundings or enhance your color therapy you utilize when selecting your wardrobe is advised. Gold might be a good accent for jewelry this week as well to attract more luck. Scheduling your time will help you to avoid time wasters this week, just try to remember that every moment of life is precious, even when it’s not “fun”.



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You have a lot of people working for you in your corner this week, so work should be pretty amazing if you are a hard worker by nature. Otherwise you may face some criticism for slacking. Love kind of sucks right now, but you will be happy to be in your own little world anyway. Take pleasure in the small joys and find a good movie from the past that you can learn something from. I recommend Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless mind for you. As I think that you will garner new perspectives from it at this juncture. Plus it’s just amazing anyway! Blue will center your emotions and you should look for flowers for the house to make you feel better as well!

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