You’ve finally saved up your pennies, requested the time off work, and booked a hotel at your ideal destination- but what are you going to do about the one last wild card? Traveling with a baby or toddler for the first time can be hectic to say the least, so here are a few tips to make your trip less stressful.

Don’t stress about packing extra clothes:

If you’re tight on space between the necessities and that giant stuffed animal your little one just wont sleep without, you’ll be glad to know that many hotels have a laundry room located on the premises, and if not you might want to ask housekeeping if they could *pretty please* give these baby clothes a wash (just don’t forget to tip them!)

You might not need your travel crib:

Another awesome accommodation that hotels often have are cribs/cots/roll away beds. Usually free or for a small fee, asking for one of these at the front desk is way easier than lugging it up and down hotel stairs or elevators.

Block out the noise:

If you’re staying in a particularly noisy hotel or you’re in a big city, the white noise will keep your kiddo sound asleep while doors slam, and neighbors scream all around you. A small white noise machine as part of the radio is offered in every room at the China Town San Francisco Hilton and it’s is a lifesaver! If the hotel you’re staying in doesn’t offer a white noise option, you can easily find something on your cell phone. Try the Calm App! You might even find yourself being soothed by the static sounds too!

Bath time in hotels:

Bath time in a hotel? Especially for the younger kids who haven’t quite gotten the hang of a big bathtub yet, this sounds like an impossible feat. While you might be tempted to scrape by on baby wipe baths (we’ve all been there), a real bath can be had! Some hotels may have baby bathtubs available, a small plastic laundry basket does just as well in a pinch. Look at dollar stores near your hotel for a cheap laundry basket that will keep your kiddo contained. It can always be donated to housekeeping after your stay (or used as extra luggage to take home all your new souvenirs and toys)

Quick Safety Tips:

For the older toddlers who want nothing more than to wander around and get into absolutely everything they shouldn’t, here’s a few quick hacks. Painters tape covers outlets, sharp metal bed corners, and holds down your toilet lids. Setting up a little play pool in a bathtub complete with cups and water safe toys provides a safer and much shallower alternative to a swimming pool. Finally, let those imaginations run wild with a blanket fort. If housekeeping hasn’t had enough of you yet, you can ask for extra pillows and blankets to create the ultimate comfy castle right in your hotel room.

Staying in a hotel with kids and not losing your mind from stress can be done! Remember, in the end, the experiences your children will have traveling with you will be some of the best in their lives, so don’t let the daunting idea of it keep you from exploring the world with your family. Safe travels!

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