You had the best intentions, you thought you had latched the bedroom door. Or, it was only going to be a quickie on the laundry room floor. Or maybe you got caught up in the moment and the couch seemed like a good idea at the time. We’ve all been there. But what to do if, God forbid, one of our offspring walks in on their mom and dad getting busy. Nobody wants to picture their mom and dad doing it, including our kids. How we handle this awkward situation, is a big step into the parental void of having no clue what to do. Here are some Real Mom tips if you get caught in the act.


Age matters. Consider the age of the child and what they may or may not know about sex at that point. If the child is too little to understand what’s going on, you may just saying mom and dad are kissing and you need to go back to bed. If the child is older, ask them to leave and then find an appropriate time to talk about it.


Don’t avoid the subject. Chances are, our first reaction is to want to pretend like it didn’t happen. But away with the prudish ways of the olden days! Get past your own discomfort so that you may help your kid get over theirs. Step lightly here and be sure to let the child’s behavior indicate when it may be a good time to talk about it. But be sure to face it head on.


It’s not all bad. Remember, having a healthy sex life and showing affection for one another is a way of modelling a good relationship for our kids. Teaching our kids that sex is a normal reality takes away some of the confusion or overwhelmingness on the topic. It may not be an ideal way to bring up the topic, but if it hasn’t been discussed before, it may be time for “The Talk.”


Keep it Light. A sense of humor about embarrassing subjects puts everyone at ease. If the kid is older I would start with a joke to ease the tension. Let the kid know, other than not knocking, they didn’t do anything wrong. You can apologize if you were being indiscreet or ask that they please honor your privacy if need be. Avoiding any shaming all the way around will do wonders to ease the tension of the situation.


Lock the damn door in the future. It may have happened once, but hopefully we’ve learned our lesson and won’t be subjecting our kids to any more of our amorous encounters. It’s great that mom and day still can’t resist each other but keeping it to ourselves helps to keep the household in a happy and healthy balance.


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