The Morning Routine: kids, dogs, lunches, school projects, violin, files for work, soccer shoes,  and oh yeah… ME. Ack!

The rush to get out the door in the morning can trip up even the most organized among us.  To help set everyone’s day off on the right foot, the single biggest hack is to prepare the night before.

We are all exhausted by the end of the day, but the reality is, most of us have even a few extra minutes to spare at night that we simply don’t have in the morning.  Follow these three simple steps to help streamline your routine:

  1. Pick out, or have your kids pick out, their entire outfit the night before, including socks and undies (and even hair bands), and lay it out on the dresser. You have just crossed battle number one off your list.
  2. Pack lunch.  Put all non-perishables directly into the lunch box and leave all refrigerated items in the fridge.  I love using  small containers like these BPA free, leak proof, stainless steel sets with see though silicone lids. For lunch my general rule of thumb is:
    1. one veggie (mini cucumbers, baby carrots or sliced peppers)*
    2. one fruit (sliced apple, sliced mango, grapes, or cantaloupe)*
    3. one main dish (peanut butter or sunbutter sandwich on a flatbread or hard-boiled eggs)
    4. one to three snacks (depending on the age of the kid)
    5. throw in a “mommy note” if you’re feelin’ it. Amazon sells a book of kids jokes that you tear out each day and personalize with a little note.  The kids love them!)

*as an extra hack, you can cut and place into individualized containers several days worth of  veggies and fruits at one time

  1.  Get up at least 30 minutes before your kids so you have time to shower (or at least throw on some presentable clothes). Bonus points if you get up an hour early and exercise for 30 minutes.

This might feel like a lot, but once you implement these changes they will quickly become habit.  While these tips will not suddenly infuse your morning with the zen of a yoga retreat, they will at least get you out the door on time and with minimal yelling.


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