Just because we find our bathroom to be super-practical, it doesn’t mean that your kids will think the same. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider their needs and design their own bathroom accordingly. Of course, we do understand that this can seem tricky at first, especially if you’re a novice at parenting, but you shouldn’t despair since with a good plan, everything is achievable. In order to help you out with this, we’ve prepared a list of some useful advice on how to design a child-friendly bathroom that your kids will simply love. Let’s take a look and get inspired.

Kids’ Bathroom Safety

First things first, it’s most important that you make the kids’ bathroom absolutely safe and thus prevent your children from getting seriously injured. But you also want to make them as independent as possible. For instance, you can start with buying non-slip bath mats since the bathroom floor can be a serious slip hazard and children are often unaware of this. Furthermore, young children tend to be quite careless and forget to check water temperature before entering the bathtub. Therefore, you can either make sure to supervise them or invest in a cool LED shower head that changes colour depending on the water temperature, reminding children that they should be more cautious. Finally, it’s unwise to keep your hairdryer or other similar appliances in your kids’ bathroom since they often can’t understand how dangerous playing with these items can be.

Choose the right colors

kids bathroomYour kids’ bathroom is probably the only other place aside from their room where you don’t really have to stress about matching all the shades perfectly. Instead, follow a simple rule – the more colourful, the better. After all, it’s advisable to surround your children with bright colours since they have been shown to evoke positive feelings. Owing to them, your child will be more stimulated and feel excited while taking a bath. Additionally, if your child is old enough to be included in the redecoration process, don’t forget to consult them and try to respect their wishes. After all, they know which colours will suit their taste the most.

Invest in quality bathroom fixtures

 It’s true that what you should focus on the most is buying bathroom furniture that is child-friendly so that it is fully accessible to your kids. However, you must keep in mind that they are growing really fast, so it’s important to choose the furniture that is durable and can be used even when they grow up. For example, installing high-quality bath tubs is a smart move, since that’s something your kids will always use. The same goes for the toilet since it’s much smarter to put up step stools so that they can reach a normal-sized one than to opt for a smaller one and then have to replace it in just a few years.

Introduce a fun corner

 a Perfect Kids' BathroomThe majority of children hate taking baths and just bringing them into the bathroom can be a true nightmare. Therefore, it’s crucial to make a small fun corner where they can keep their favourite toys. This way, the whole bathing experience will be much less uncomfortable. After all, if they see their favourite rubber duck swimming around the bathtub, they will be more than happy to join in.

Smart storage solutions

Last but not least, you should make sure to think about some practical storage solutions since the only thing that never lacks in the kids’ bathroom is a mess. For instance, we advise you to opt for small woven baskets which can be placed below the sink. This way, your children will be able to easily reach them when they take off their dirty socks and underwear, and you finally won’t have to clean the mess every time after they are done bathing. Additionally, you can even let them decorate their own baskets and help them write their names on them in order to make their bathroom even more personal. Finally, instead of bringing in a huge cabinet, you can use more of the vertical space and install several shelves on which you can keep your childrens’ clean towels and cosmetics. Of course, make sure to adjust them to your children’s height since the whole point of these shelves is accessibility.

As you can see, designing your kids’ bathroom doesn’t have to be that hard after all. You just need to consider their safety, think about some practical storage solutions and try to make their time spent in the bathroom as fun as possible. However, don’t forget that children grow fast and that you should invest in quality pieces of furniture which they will be able to use even when they reach high school.

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