Depression: We’ve all been there: grouchy, moody, bitchy, depressed, there. Yes. It may be the daily grind, it may be the overwhelm with the list that keeps getting longer; but how do we break the cycle and get out of the funk? It’s actually easy, once you learn how to do it and get it in your muscle memory. Habits. You MUST create better habits. You can do it. We promise. Here are 7 ways to throw that shit in reverse and get out of the funk.

Get Those Speakers Thumping and DANCE. We all have a few songs we can’t  help but start tapping to. One of the fastest ways to connect with your body is to move. Dancing is a fabulous, easy way to get you out of your head and into your body. It’s great exercise and the whole family will LOVE the silly, fun moments you create doing it.

Clear Away the Clutter-  Sometimes the grouch comes out when we feel like our lives are spinning out of control. Clean out the car or tackle one little space that’s been bugging you for weeks. Truly file those papers. Make specific places for the shoes. The balls go in a ball bin. The keys always go in the 1st drawer in the kitchen and the Pokemon cards that show up in your purse, on the floor, and in the bathroom,  they need a basket or a bowl…something that gets them out of your face so you don’t set them on fire or run them through the shredder. Communicate with the family, enlist them to help you create these spaces. Remind them it’s for their own good. If you need a little help, check out organizing guru, Corrine Morahan’s Grid and Glam for some inspiration.

Put Your Attention On Someone Else- Doing something kind for someone else can be even more fulfilling than being on the receiving end of someone doing something kind for you. Get the fam on a community clean up schedule or go pick wild flowers and deliver them to all of the little old ladies in the neighborhood. How about making a call to Granny and really listen to her?

You Are What You Eat  It’s an age old, but very true expression. If you’re filling your body with crap you’re going to feel like crap. Make sure your fridge is stocked with healthy food you like to eat. Have a fruit bowl out on the counter with seasonal fruits. Fill up jars that are easy to access to nuts. DRINK LOTS OF WATER.

Do Something Creative- Taking time out to get in touch with your creative side is such a soul feeder. Need an idea spark? Go for a walk around the block and take pictures of the things that interest you  Put flowers you arranged around the house, make empowerment cards to stick on the fridge or mirrors around the house. Little random acts of beauty perk us all up! Need more ideas?  Check out some of our Real Mom Daily ART STOPS .

Create a space to honor those you love. Gather photos, and a few momentos you adore. Arrange them in a place that you walk past everyday. Light a candle to honor the space. Bring a pretty flower in to add a touch of sweetness, find a quote you love or pull out the empowerment cards you made..

Set Aside time for yourself- 30 minutes to an hour a day. You MUST schedule it in. Even if it means getting up a half an hour earlier. BUT don’t start your day checking social media or your emails instead really check in with yourself. Go for a walk or do a meditation. What about using this time to write a few notes in a journal?

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