My Husband Cheated on Me, Now What_My husband had an affair, now what? Most of us have thought, “if my husband ever cheated, I’d leave, there would be no fixing things.” That’s the first thing that comes to mind when you’ve experienced pain and betrayal. Running must be the only answer, right? It’s not.

Family therapists and marriage counselors agree, some men are absolutely devastated about their affairs and are truly regretful. Some men aren’t. Distinguish between the two, and you will be able to better decide what to do.

If you’re going through the heartbreak of infidelity in your marriage, know you’re not alone. In one-third of marriages, one or both partners admit to infidelity.  Keep reading for words of encouragement, love, and advice.

My Husband Cheated on Me


My husband cheated –  some of the worst words you will ever have to admit to yourself. You never expected it, you didn’t sign up for this, and you definitely don’t deserve it. Perhaps the most common question that goes through the head of a woman whose husband had an affair is, “why?” A husband and wife face many challenges throughout a relationship. The work piles up, the kids are taking away from alone time together, your sex life has lessened. Indeed, these are problems, but none of these reasons are excuses for your husband to cheat.

What To Do If Husband Has an Affair


There is no magic solution or answer anyone can give you.

How do you define love? Is love a choice or a feeling? Does love really cover a multitude of sins? Once you decide whether love is enough to prom

My husband cheated

pt the beginning stages of forgiveness, you can start to move on.

Does your husband accept the responsibility for his failures and regret his cheating? 

If your husband has been having an affair for years or has had multiple affairs with different women, discuss if a monogamous marriage is even an option for him anymore before you decide if you want to stay. His answer might be heart-wrenching, it might be hard to hear. But the truth is better than lies and wasted time.

My Husband Had an Affair and I Stayed


Many, many men who have cheated don’t cheat ever again. There is hope in broken marriages, they can be restored and it’s not false. When both parties are dedicated to making things work and falling in love again, replenishing the trust is possible.

During the discovery of your husband’s affair, try not to let anger and pain cloud your judgment. Do you want to stay with him and make it work? The opinions of your girlfriends and family members don’t matter. Don’t let them make you feel weak or guilty for wanting to stay. Ultimately, it’s your marriage and the choice is yours.

Sex After an Affair


Maybe you can’t bear the thought of having sex with him again, or maybe you feel hysterical ad need to bond immediately. Whatever the case may be, sex between husband and wife is meant to be passionate, full of desire, and full of love. However long it takes for you to want your husband again, when you do, it will be amazing and probably better than ever before.

Many women report an enhanced emotional connection and sex life after surviving an affair. This might sound strange, but it proves that when a husband and wife set their minds on recovering their feelings for each other, a relationship can re-bloom.

You are worthy, you are beautiful, and you are precious. You deserve happiness, faithfulness, and safety. After your husband’s affair, you will feel many things. You will feel depressed, lost, hopeless, and so confused. But, this is not the end. Whether you decide to stay or to leave, there is a beautiful new chapter ahead of you. If you need a safe place to confess and talk with other women, start a topic in our Real Mom Chat Room.

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