Hi Ali,  I’m yelling at my kids a lot these days. Is this OK?

Ideally no, it’s not OK to yell at our kids. Do you like being yelled at? Does it scare you or intimidate you? Does it make you want to do what’s being screamed at you? Same goes for kids. Unless you are yelling “I LOVE YOU!” or “YOU ARE FREAKIN’ AMAZING!” or “I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!”

That being said… it happens. Hopefully not too often.  And my hope is that after you calm down, you apologize to your little one for yelling at them. Parents make mistakes. We aren’t perfect. Sometimes we get frustrated after asking them to clean up their toys, or get ready or … ten times! But that’s when we need to take a breath.

If, instead of yelling, you calmly walked up to your child, got on their level, and whispered what you wanted from them, you’d get a better reaction. Try lowering your voice (like a mother dog does when she’s angry) and speak slowly. That will send the message louder than a yell.

Check out this link for some wonderful alternatives to yelling:  http://theorangerhino.com/alternatives-to-yelling/



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