improve health with lemon juice

Lemon Juice can work wonders for your health. Lemons happen to be one of the most versatile and beneficial citrus fruits enriched with several benefits for the body which are bound to surprise you.

The refreshing scent and the flavor of this fruit is used for adding scent and taste to  a number of perfumes and recipes. Apart from the obvious benefits, lemon juice is also enriched with vitamin C and has great medical value.

Moreover, the antiviral and the antibacterial properties of lemons further enhance its health benefits and immune boosting features ensure you can prevent maximum ailments from affecting you by consuming lemons.

One of the best ways to reap the major perks that lemon has to offer is to juice it. Here are some of the reasons that will convince you and your family drink more lemon juice and make it a part of your regular diet. Just read on.

  • It Helps to Detoxify the Liver

Having lemon juice every morning is a very efficient way to make the liver produce more bile. It helps to break the food down very easily as it cleanses the liver. As you drink the juice first thing in the morning your digestive system prepares itself for the whole day’s work. As the gallstones are composed of bile that is calcified, lemon juice is even capable of breaking them down. This is simply done by the enhanced production of bile.

  • It Helps to Improve the Quality of Your Skin

The vitamin C in lemons assists in reducing the wrinkling of skin. Research has revealed that people who consume more vitamin C have less dry or wrinkled skin. Got a teenager freaking out over her skin breaking out? As lemon is antibacterial it can also fight acne.  Lemon juice also consists of water it makes the skin glow and look radiant.

  • It Supports Weight Loss

Lemon juice consists of pectin which is a kind of soluble fibre that assists with the process of losing weight. Also, you should know that liquid calories tend to add up faster. So your morning coffee with crème and sugar also adds to your weight. Lemon juice is a great way to add spark to your water intake without adding the calories. Bloating is also reduced by lemon juice and that also assists in losing weight. However, along with lemon juice you also have to opt for the healthy eating habits and replace your sodas and colas with calorie-free juices for losing weight.

  • It Helps with Digestion

Many people drink lemon juice as a common laxative for preventing constipation. In fact, drinking warm lemon juice also gets your digestive system moving. According to the Ayurveda the “agni” is stimulated by the sour lemon. The strong agni kickstarts the digestive system that makes digestion of foods easier. Moreover, it also helps to treat the symptoms of burping, heartburn and bloating. All these make the digestion of food simpler and prevent the risk of toxic build-up.

  • It Boosts Oral Health

Lemon juice can be used for reducing toothaches and for massaging the gums. This massaging helps to treat any wounds that remain in the gums. Lemon also helps to do away with foul breath. Though there is a popular belief that lemon harms the teeth, that is not always true. However, you should adopt some precautions to avoid these like drinking the lemon juice that adheres to room temperature, using a straw to avoid contact with the teeth if that creates a problem for you and trying to use 100 percent natural lemons instead of the synthetic ones. You should also ask the dentist in the nearest dental clinic regarding the precautions you can take so that you can make the most of the immense benefits of lemon juice for your oral health.

The above are some of the major reasons why drinking lemon juice can prove to be a great thing for your body.


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