lincoln had a crazy wife

It may be cliche, to call Abraham Lincoln the BEST president of all time. But to us, at REAL MOM DAILY- the reason the United States is still UNITED is because of his fight to end slavery. HAPPY PRESIDENTS’ DAY!


Thoughts on the woman behind the man: MARY TODD LINCOLN

While in the White House, the well educated mother of four, Mary Lincoln, struggled because of the political divide within her nation. Her family was from Kentucky (a border state) where slavery was still allowed. Several of her half-brothers served in the Confederate Army and died serving their cause. Mary adamantly supported her husband and his policies, but didn’t always have the easiest of times fulfilling the role of First Lady of the United States.

Could it have been depression? What about stress or postpartum? Did they ever think she might be grieving? 

What isn’t in common discussion of our 16th First Lady is her possible mental illness. Mary was known to have mood swings and public outbursts. Her temper was fierce and explosive, especially after the death of her eleven year old son, William (Willie). Some historians suggest bipolar disorder others say manic depression. More recently, it has been suggested that she may have had Pernicious Anemia (Vitamin B12 deficiency). Because it was the 1800’s, instead of mental health care, she was committed.
In the 21st century we are finally starting to look at mental health seriously. Studies have shown 1 in 5 Americans suffer from some sort of mental illness each year. When we look at the health of our nation we must look at the health of its citizens; mind and body. By educating ourselves and having open conversations about mental health we can start to erase the negative, “crazy” attitudes toward what was once taboo.

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