makeup for teens

“No one ever taught me how to apply my make up”

“I would wear make up, if I knew how to apply it”

“I don’t know how to choose the right products”

“My tween/teen daughter is asking me and I don’t know how to guide her.” 

Make up for Teens – I have heard this countless times over the years, from women of every age.

We rely so heavily on instructions and direction.  Recipes for healthy meals, instructions on how to put together that new toy for your little one, the navigation systems in our cars, dispensing medicine, even the all too famous IKEA instructions, composed in Swedish with stick figures that give us a giant sense of accomplishment and success when we complete them. But, where do you find guidance to apply your make up?

Perhaps it’s time to align the old saying, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER,  with makeup and beauty…

As a make up artist, my greatest joy has been teaching women how to apply their own make up.   Without fail, towards the end of a lesson, I will witness a mature woman who had hardly worn make up before, smile at herself in the mirror.  I will see a young girl who had applied make up for the very first time, proudly sit up straight in my chair.  The newly acquired knowledge of make up application would, in minutes, alter these women. A simple change in their posturing and off they went, back into their day, with an arsenal of knowledge they’d not had before.  Often with the parting words, “Nobody ever taught me how to apply make up”.  They were empowered.

Back in my mom’s day, you may have learned at finishing school or reading a fashion magazine. When I was a teen, my friends and I would experiment on each other.  There was always one in the group that had a bit more know how [wink wink] to share with the rest.  Of course, today there are the many tutorials and videos ala you tube. However, there are basics, even the bloggers and self-proclaimed experts, have missed. Here are some regularly overlooked fundamental skills you can use and share with your tween/teen to get them started on the right path.


When applying eye make up to the upper lid, your mirror should be down and your chin lifted so that your eyes are looking down into the mirror.  This will enable you to apply without squinting or pulling on your lid.  Your chin should also be lifted even if applying while using a wall mirror.

When lining the lower lash line or perhaps applying concealor to the under eye area,  chin should be lowered and your gaze, whether with hand or wall mirror be looking down.


Look for products that are not heavily pigmented. Lilah b. is a new fave of mine! This well thought out line has only a few products but they all do double time.


When applying powder product with a brush, the powder should only be on the part of the brush that will touch your face. Any extra will only fall off the brush and onto the face, creating a mess.


To correctly apply mascara, be sure the wand does not have any clumps. Place the wand as close to the base of the upper lashes and gently wiggle the wand back/forth as you work the wand to the very tip of the lashes.  By coating the entire length of lashes from base to tip you can create a denser looking lash and yet still appear quite natural.

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