mile high childcare


Umm, they had us at mile high childcare…

mile high childcare

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But they’ve got bunkbeds and a gym too! Sold! Honey, pack the bags and don’t forget the kiddos! Quantas airlines says they think they’ll have international flights from London to Sydney by 2022.


with a little help from Airbus, they’re getting creative with the 20 hours you’ll be inflight! Need help with your squirmy kangaroos? What about getting a workout in? How about a cocktail after your workout and shower while the kids sleep like koalas comfortably in their bunkbeds?

It’s a Dream Come True

Want a little eucalyptus in your smoothie?

“A year after Qantas Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce publicly challenged Boeing Co. and Airbus SE to design a plane capable of making a viable direct flight from Sydney to London or New York, he says the manufacturers have succeeded”, says Angus Whitley of

Qantas and Airbus are thinking out of the box with their cabin interiors. Their goal is to make these voyage flights easier on passengers. Mile high massages? Mille high manicures? What would you like? Comment below and we’ll forward it to them!


See ya down under! 

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