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ALL WE NEED IS: “Three seconds of self-control before ruining a relationship with one ill-chosen word or with a litany of ill-chosen words.”

We all know the feeling when we have just hit our wall. That brake screeching, slow motion, out of control roll into that wall of chaos is a metaphor for that moment when we are done. Just done. It may come in the form of a clenched jaw and a firm no. It may take a more expressive form of a total meltdown hissy fit complete with plate throwing and glass breaking decibel level screams. Either way, it is not pretty because it signifies something in us is completely fed up.

In these moments we have a choice. Give in to the tidal wave of emotion and make a bad impulse-ridden decision or step away, take a breath and re-calibrate ourselves. Obviously, we know what the right answer to this is, but unfortunately too often we don’t really know how to do this. Where would I even begin to take a moment for myself? What would that even look like?

My teacher Yogi Bhajan said the only difference between the disciplined mind of a master meditator and the average person is three seconds. Just three seconds of self-control before ruining a relationship with one ill-chosen word or with a litany of ill-chosen words. It is in those three simple seconds where our higher consciousness has a chance to kick in and help guide us. Otherwise we are being driven by sheer impulsivity and subconscious old patterns.

In Kundalini Yoga we use these fairly simple, three minute meditations to help get us back on track. The nice thing about a three minute meditation is that it is doable. Everybody can find three minutes to keep the crazy away. This one is for regeneration of the self and is super simple.

1. Sit in a cross legged position and cross your arms tucking your hands under the opposite armpit with only the left thumb peeking out.

2. Close your eyes and focus on the pace between the brows at the energetic space for intuition.

3. Tip your head back slightly.

4. Chant the healing mantra “Ra ma da sa, sa say so hung.” Repeating it for 3 minutes.


Practice this every day for 3 minutes. Give it a try for 40 days in a row and see how you shift.

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