Let’s face it, being a mom can often be exhausting and difficult. With summertime approaching and the final weeks of school underway,  you’re going to have a lot less me-time. If you feel guilty for enjoying the time when your little ones are in school – don’t! Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom, kids want to be entertained 24/7 and it can easily become overwhelming. To help us all feel more productive and constructive, we’re bringing you Real Mom-Hacks for the summer. Let’s make this break from the school schedule run as smooth and enjoyable as possible!

Sign ‘em Up!

Mom-Hacks for Summer Featured Image 1 Sign 'Em Up!

During the summer months, children have high expectations based on what they hear from friends, what they see on television and even the stories they’ve heard from our slower paced childhoods. They dream to be poolside daily. They yearn to climb trees and ride bikes with their friends from dawn ‘till the street lights come on. The fantasy of catching fireflies before scrubbing down their knees and getting to bed so they can repeat the same thing over and over for the next 6-8 weeks is real.  So, how do we give them a sliver of this? One way to find a quintessential summer experience for the modern kiddo is to sign them up for summer camp. Whether it’s a sleepaway camp or a local day camp, your kids will love the abundance of adventure activities, outdoor play, sun, dirt, and having their friends with them. Often times you can find inexpensive programs through your community parks and rec. These camps fill up quickly so sign your kids up in advance.

If you’re a working mom, this is a great way to make the most out of your child’s summer and your own schedule as well. If you’re a stay at home mom, this will give you that extra time during the day to take care of all of your other responsibilities. Real mom-hack number one – check!

Family Vacation

It’s so important to spend quality time with your children. During the hustle and bustle of the school year, it can be difficult to get away and do something fun and relaxing that truly connects you with your children. When planning a family vacation, ask your kids what kinds of things they’d like to do. You don’t want to overlook their individual interests and end up doing activities only one of them would enjoy. Little ones love being included in the action and planning, so put them to work and make it fun!

Stick To The Routine (a little)

Mom-Hacks for Summer Featured Image 2 Stick to the Routine

When you’re a kid the beauty of summer is no school, sleeping in, and going out with your friends. Your children might think they don’t need their regular routine, but it’s good for them to have some sort of structure. During the first couple weeks of summer, wake your kids up in the morning with a quick breakfast. Plan out the day with fun activities. If they aren’t going to camp, make sure you connect them with friends a few times a week.  You and your kids will appreciate having someone else as their source of entertainment. It also gives them the feeling of you going out of your way to make their summer memorable. Trust us on this real mom-hack.

Make a Bucket List

No matter the age of your children, they will love this. Make a list of things you all want to do, places you want to see, and tasks you want to conquer together! This is something the entire family can chime in on, so everyone gets to do something they wish. It’s important to engage with your children during the summer and use this extra, slower time to your advantage.

Whether it’s learning to surf on the beach, taking a special art class, going on that hike you’ve all heard about, pitching a tent and camping at the state park down the road, or even joining a karate team, there are many options for your bucket list. It doesn’t always involve traveling the world! You can set up a fun list of activities for your children in your hometown (trust us, they’ll love it).

The best mom-hack we can give you is to create a schedule and get prepared so you can truly spend quality time with your kids. These are the memories they will have for a lifetime. You want them to be near and dear to their hearts. If you’d like to see more mom-hacks sign up for our newsletter! Need some personal advice? Ask Ali our resident family counselor!

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