Moms In Public Office

Moms are powerful.

Moms are intelligent.

Moms are capable.

Moms are loyal, have an indefinite amount of responsibility, and have to participate in making tough decisions in their everyday life.

This is why moms are born to be leaders in office. They’re already leaders at home.

There’s a reason we’re seeing a greater amount of moms running for office (and winning). Read on for a mother’s take on moms running for office in Modern America.

Why Are Moms Running For Office?

Why Moms Are Running For Public OfficeWomen on the Left and the Right alike are running for office. Whether women are running to take a stance on healthcare, financial reform, or NRA reform, both parties have something in common – they are moms running for office because they are passionate about reform. Moms are running for office because they can. Women want to take action and make a difference and that’s why we are seeing more moms in the run for State and Federal office.

There are many factors that drive mothers to run for elected office. Her child goes to school every day and is at risk of gun violence. Her son has cerebral palsy and healthcare is too expensive. The educational system is going down the drain. Our food and water are contaminated. She has a plan to bring reform to our country. She has a dream, and a vision and she will execute it if given the chance. Rep. Martha McSally, currently running for U.S Senate, has expressed the importance of women representing diversity in our country by simply running for public office.

Why Voters Are Concerned About Moms in Office

“Who will take care of your children?”
Ms. Kelda Roys, a mom running for governor in Wisconsin, is often faced with the question of who will take care of her children if she gets elected. A peer of hers running for State Attorney General told her that he has never been asked that question, despite being a father.

“Are you educated on serious matters like national security?”
Mothers have to work harder to prove that they are just as informed about serious matters, like national security, than a man or father would.

“Is running for office just a trend?”
Being a mom can be beneficial and detrimental during an election. Voters love that they can relate, feel a sense of trust, and be heard by a mom. But, they don’t always believe moms are fit to be in office while raising children. They don’t always believe women will be determined to work when facing challenges at home.

These are the kinds of questions moms are faced with when running for elective office even though men usually aren’t. Moms running for office face more voter doubts than fathers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t overcome it.

Moms Are Qualified

Every day women are doing things that qualify them to be elected to office. Working a fulltime job while having a family, raising children, volunteering at the PTA, being a philanthropist, and so much more, are all central attributes of a mother. These daily responsibilities make mothers strong candidates. A woman or mother running for office deserves just as much respect and admiration as a man running for office.

Yes, we said it, and we’ll say it again! A woman or a mother running for office deserves just as much respect and admiration as a man running for office.

Moms Win

Moms In Public OfficeThough the numbers are not as high as they should be, the amount of women in elected office is progressively climbing. According to the Center For American Women and Politics, the percentage of women in U.S. Congress has grown from 16.1% to 20% over the last decade. Currently, six women are Governors, 12 are Lt. Governors, and 52 are in other elected offices. This is pure evidence that women are capable and fit for running and winning elections.

Why You Should Encourage Your Mom to Run

We need more moms in government! If you have always dreamt of running for office and standing up for the character of our country, take the leap! It can be challenging to move forward with a dream so big but if your mission is strong enough people will support it!

If you’re a mom that wants to run for elective office, the time is now! A very wise person once said, “a strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everybody else.”

The campaign trail is already a difficult road, adding children to the equation makes it an even tougher one. But it isn’t impossible. The journey and end destination are attainable, but we need more moms in the national spotlight. Moms have broken the glass ceiling! Join your fellow mothers and women and break even more boundaries.

If you are a mom running for office or you know someone who is a mother running for office, let us know. We are supporting all mom candidates, whatever side of the aisle, by giving you a platform for coverage. Contact us for more information.

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