Congratulations! You’re going to be a DAD!

You want to be the best DAD you can possibly be and you WILL be. As you’re navigating through the new days here are some things to think about:

  • If you’re exhausted, MOM is even more exhausted. Think about ways to help and encourage her to get rest and feel loved. The stronger mama is the better she will be for your baby.
  • Set up an environment that is peaceful. This is a sweet time for your family but it can also be very emotional. Keep the place tidy. Fresh air, light music, healthy food, herbal tea, candles at night, a kiss and a hug just because and a thank you to mom for making such a beautiful baby. The “little things” make a huge difference.
  • Hold your baby as often as possible. Skin to skin. Heart to heart. Let this sweet bundle smell your breath, your fragrance. Let her/him hear your heart beat …the cadence in you will start to build a bond and confidence in how her/ his world is being formed.
  • Be a part of feeding if the milk supply allows. Let mom take a shower and have time alone, just YOU and BABY. Start creating a ritual of being there with your child during meal times and keep it throughout life.
  • Sing the songs from your childhood. If you don’t remember the words, find a recording of them and play them until you learn them.
  • Dance with your little one to a love song that reminds you of her/his MOTHER.
  • Include extended family in your joy but ask them to  be respectful of the space YOUR NEW FAMILY might need as you’re nesting.
  • Get outside. Start a ritual of going on walks in the evenings. On the weekends pack a picnic and go to the park.
  • Sooner than later encourage MOM to get out for an hour or two alone. Maybe she’d like a manicure or a massage?
  • As MOM starts getting used to being away from your baby for short periods of time. Make a date for just the two of you. Find someone you trust to take care of the baby. Go on a hike, dinner, maybe there’s a band in town you both love. Find ways to reconnect as the couple you were before the baby arrived. Solidifying a healthy partnership may be the BEST gift you can give your child.
  • Don’t rush through the milestones your BABY will reach. Enjoy it ALL. It goes by way too fast! xoxo
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