Montessori schools have been around since 1907 but we still have very little in the way of documented facts on whether a Montessori education is superior to other educational methodologies. With more charter schools opening and offering a Montessori education for free perhaps more hard facts are on their way. This past October a study was done and “Researchers found that lower-income kids in Montessori schools had much higher math and literacy scores than the lower-income kids in other schools. Similarly, higher-income kids in Montessori outperformed higher-income kids in other schools, but not by as much.” Read more HERE

Meanwhile, Betsy Devos feels administrations on both sides of the aisle have made it so American students are unprepared  adding to this she says, “Perhaps the lesson lies not in what made the approaches different but in what made them the same: the federal government.” Read more HERE 

And… the 2018 College Ranking List is now out! Get it HERE

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