is an on line degree legit

Online education has been an enormous blessing for young moms, working parents, and even those who are seeking a career change later on in life. Ten years ago, employers weren’t so accepting of an online degree. But today, things have evolved. If you’re looking into receiving an online college degree, don’t be discouraged. In today’s society, online college degrees are widely accepted. Keep reading for everything you need to know about an online college degree and where you can get one.

Is an Online College Degree Accredited?

Online college degrees are accredited. However, it does depend on where you attend. Not every online college is nationally or regionally accredited. Avoid enrolling in an online college that is not recognized by your state or country, and you will earn a degree that is just as prestigious as the next. Use a trusted database to ensure you’re enrolling in an accredited university.

Best Online College Degrees

The top online universities are all well-known institutions, whether they are private or public. If you’re aiming to receive your Bachelor’s Degree, pick an online college that provides class recordings and easy access to course materials. The biggest myth about online college is that you’re in it alone. If you select the right institution, you will have access to all the help you need. It is important to note that personal motivation and responsibility are a crucial part of taking courses online.

What to Expect in Online College Degree Programs

Each degree program is different. If you’re planning on earning your MBA or taking part in a medical program, in-person meetups and residencies are very common. Not all online degrees are fully online, so be vigilant in creating your course schedule. Virtual group work is a major part of online courses. Professors want to encourage interaction between students and produce a “class-like” environment. It’s important to challenge one another respectively, as this is how students grow in confidence.

Are Online Classes Easier?

Online classes are not easier. Learning to be self-motivated and strict with your schedule, coupled with the pressure of coursework, results in a class that is just as difficult. During testing, expect to have to take exams in-person or be monitored via an online proctor software. This ensures academic integrity and keeps students accountable for learning the course material just as they would in a normal classroom.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are fitting for professional development. If you want to excel in your career, certificates are ideal for resumes. For instance, in our conversation with Lisa Hatfield, Vice President of Individual Enrollment at eCornell, we learned many of these programs are authored by Cornell University professors and then taught by professionals in the industry. These courses entail around 3 to 5 hours a week and will provide you with an extra skill set.

If you know you want to further your education, but aren’t sure where to begin, many of these programs have fabulous admission counselors that are dedicated to guiding their students. They will ask students questions to get to know them better and will guide them towards courses that will help them accomplish their dream careers.

Cornell and other ivy league universities like Harvard and Stanford allow students access to top-of-the-line education. After earning a certificate, having these Universities on your resume can give you a better chance at shining in the job candidate pool.

The Ideal Candidate for an Online Degree

The ideal candidate for an online degree is someone who has a full-time job, is looking to switch careers, went to college previously and wants to go back, or even a college-age student who wants the flexibility to focus on sports or acting. An online degree is for students who need flexibility during their busy schedulesit is a college alternative, not the lazy route. If you want to enroll in an online college you must possess:

  • Self-Motivation
  • Responsibility
  • Discipline
  • Time Management
  • Desire To Learn
  • Commitment

These days, an online college degree is just as applicable as the rest. In the busyness of your life, an online degree might be everything you need. With flexible hours and a chance to launch your career, you don’t need to hold back anymore. As a mom, we know how important work and money is for our family. It’s important to think about your future. Get started on your dreams today.

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