online dating merits and demerits

Online dating is an entertaining way to connect with people you’d never even think of communicating with. OK True, online dating can introduce you to spectacular, well-natured people BUT today the percentage of unsuccessful stories followed by crimes, sexual abuse and even deaths, has grown alarmingly. The involvement of seedy elements like criminals, sexual abusers, cyber bullies, and black sheep in the disguise of sophisticated human beings has deteriorated the genuine essence of online dating. In a nutshell, the demerits of online dating start feeling heavier than its positive outcomes. The analysis of pros and cons of online dating will enable the user to take decisive steps when it comes to joining sites and apps.

The Merits:

No More Wandering in Bars

One of the benefits and a strong reason people look for online to date is the getting rid of visiting bars and other random locations in search of a partner. Online dating sites are readily available to every social media user.  When you find someone you like, the communication is easy. At the push of  button you can exchange of photos, calls and other detailed information. The data provided by a match lets the other decide whether they too agree before a “first traditional date”. This easily saves time by getting through the first steps without having to meet in person.

Diversity for Selection

Millions of users are on online dating forums. It’s a remarkable opportunity to select someone from such a huge number of daters? Indeed, this is incredible fortuity to make contact with so many. In a single day, a user can communicate with more than hundred people for dating. This diversity will be generous enough to bring a few good matches for any user.

Surprising First Date

The first date owed to an online match is really surprising and great in many ways. Its fun to finally meet the person you’ve been talking to on the internet? The match you decided to meet with can be beyond your expectation or might be a below average in look, face, figure and other physical attributes. Moreover, face to face contact allows your intuitive you a better gauge on your match. Is this person really who they were pretending to be online?

And the Demerits…

Not Always a Safe Option

Online dating feeds into your fantasy of you meeting “THE ONE”.  When your heart is open you can be more susceptible to being conned.  The online dater, on the either side, is not aware of who is sitting and talking to him/her.This may be a fabulous person or he might be a this may become the biggest blunder of your life. The news proves, online dating is not always safe. You must be aware and not walk blindly into meeting someone. Make sure you have put systems in place to protect yourself.  Meet in a public place, and let someone know you’ll be meeting a new person so they can check in on you at a specific time. Seriously. DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH YOUR SAFETY.

Not  Emotional Attachment

Not everyone signs up for online dating to find their soul mate. In fact many do it to “hook up” and fill time. Finding love is a process. you don’t want people wasting your time. There is no scientific or proven formula to calculate emotional touch in either of your hearts. So for me, this can be the darkest side of online dating and it makes it so I keep it at an arms length.

It can be Expensive

The fees associated with the memberships can add up BUT the emotional tax is one to not ignore. I get especially worried about the number of teenagers involved in online dating. Many are on more than one site and they aren’t always protecting themselves. Newly single parents are also subject to the emotional expense of inline dating. They’ve been off the “market” for quite some time and this is most often their first entry to the online dating scene. In the end, If you’re going to try it, I suggest not investing huge amounts. Sign up for a month and see how you feel. In truth, you may find signing up for a class in something you’re interested may give you better odds at connecting with another like minded person! Good luck swiping right!

Author Bio:

Lina is Web Content Writer at BlurSpy. She’s relationship adviser. She spends most of her time browsing dating feature and applications through digital devices. Most recently her focus has shifted towards the Android spy app for the cell phone which is making waves in the technology world today.


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