Plagiarism is it the new normal? Thank you Nike

“Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” is Nike’s new campaign slogan. Really? According to Forbes and AdWeek, it’s a blatant copycat statement from celebrity branding authority and New York Times best selling author of The Kim Kardashian Principle, Jeetendr Sehdev.

Plaigarism has become an epidemic in the USA. Our children get expelled from school for plagiarism.

So wait a second…

While the dean of school runs the plaigarism checker on your sophomore’s paper, and you’re at the cash register in the Nike store laying down a buck fifty for her to sport those new “pumped up kicks”, don’t you at least want to be informed? It’s time for us to take responsibility with our purchases is it not?


Teach your children to tell the truth and be ethical.   Yes / No

Be consistent (reward/punish the same behavior in the same manner).  Yes / No

Remember your behavior serves a the model for your children’s behavior.  Yes / No

As parents would we want our children to be robbed of the credit they rightfully deserve? Isn’t parenting 101 about not standing for dishonesty and deception?

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Peace outThank you!



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