Is Your Family Emergency Prepared?

Have the hurricanes in the south, polar vortex snowstorms in the north east and fires burning thousands of acres in the west amde you qustion whether your family is  emergency prepared?


My Infertility Story

My body was failing me. As I sat there in the doctor’s office, listening to him talk, I felt as though I had fallen so hard the wind had been knocked out of me. How could these terms I had never even heard of apply to me? Premature ovarian failure. High FSH. Premature menopause. Secondary infertility. Even worse: “unexplained”—no explanation for why my body had turned on me.


ASK ALI – Our Family Counselor Answers Your Questions

I have an “Ask Ali” question that hopefully you can answer! I work with someone who is now pregnant for her fourth time. She has one child. This would be the third pregnancy after her child, as the others have resulted in miscarriages. I want to be happy for her, but she is scared to be excited. What do I say? It’s a challenging situation—you don’t want to get too excited and you don’t want to be doom and gloom.


Labor & Delivery

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