Stop to check out the roses this week. You can take a breather and rehash an old idea/concept from last year that you may have back-burnered.  It’s a good time to get into in depth conversations or persons of interest.  Emotional wounds are more likely to be resolved at this juncture so it’s a good thing if you can let the waterfall under the bridge once and for all.  Make yourself a playlist from the past/childhood etc., and do some meditation while listening to it.  You may be surprised at what comes up. People will be more willing to help you this week if they see that you are coming from a place of emotional centeredness and generosity!  Love remains stable this week.

Try to take yourself out of the equation this week. People may be looking for a scapegoat so try not to give them a reason to point the finger.  You should have a lot of fun if you can retreat into nature or some other outdoorsy type activities.  This could very well be the most productive time of the year for working on more solo type projects.  Anything dealing with the beautification of the home or your office environment is favored.  Love may be skittish so be patient and keep your thoughts to yourself at this time.

People are really receptive to your entertaining qualities this week.  Remember that people love you because you always want to see them in a happy state. It’s a natural disposition of Gemini’s to want to uplift others and see them at their best.  Just don’ get dragged into conflict unnecessarily by not looking upon others with discernment this week.  People may find you funny, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be mean when you need to be as well. This is a week of drawing appropriate boundaries and making money.  Love is still sketchy for singles..

With your birthday months progressing right along you should be pretty happy, albeit a little low energy. People seem to want to tax your emotional reserves, so try to save it for your own deep internal transformative work at this moment.  You will have a lot to work on in your own head, so try to write down any profound thoughts or ideas that you feel could be valuable in the future.  It’s a time for letting your subconscious dictate your true north direction.  In spiritual attainment, there is usually only one highest path and that takes a hell of a lot of work to follow.  So buckle up, the next few years will be there to test your spiritual meddle as a new quest begins later this year!

People may find you less interesting than normal which may frustrate some of you.  Let that go, it’s a good time to let others have the spotlight and be content with the small pleasantries of your life at the moment. You should have a lot of good news coming the in next few months so just keep moving forward.  A million small gains are better than a couple big gains.  Remember to keep on your spiritual best behavior in the next few weeks as temptation may be knocking on your door! New love is risky so watch your tail dear lion.

You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk.  This week shows that you may have recently made some promises, either to yourself (in a self reformation sense) or to others in a big to make some big changes in your life.  It’s a year about teaching yourself the value of true inner change.  You can’t have one foot in both boats you see. You are either a spiritual person trying to help others in the world, or you are a “go along to get along” type who just wants to “enjoy” their life.  This may seem harsh, but reality will prove this principle time and again. Life is a garbage-in, garbage-out scenario.  If you don’t feed yourself spiritually, how will you grow?  This week shows you that nothing but sheer determination will allow you to change your deep karmic ties in the years to come. But if you are prepared to do it, then miracles can and will happen as a result.  You have to give up to go up!

You should have a lot of fun this week.  Again people seem to be beating down your door so don’t answer it if you want to focus.  You will be able to ward them off and work on your own projects if you feel so inclined, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore all the fun. People might just bring along drama this week, so draw boundaries where needed.  Sunshine is a key to your happiness at this time so don’t forget to get out and about!  Learning about Feng Shui could be a good activity for you this week as well.  Color will help you to reform your space in meaningful ways! Love is playful, but not serious this week!

Having so much to get done this week might leave you feeling a bit exhausted.  Make sure to cover up at night and eat well during the day, unless you might risk a summer illness.  Try to find friends to share in the burden of responsibilities this week where possible. It would be a great time to launch a new venture or find a group of people to start a new activity with.  Just remember that you need to monetize your passion in the coming years otherwise you will miss out on the big fiscal rewards that can happen through subconscious manifestation.   Love is interesting, not good, not bad, just interesting. I say go with it!

You may have a lot of people competing with you this week, so it’s a good time to be on top of your game.  Knock out to-do lists early and don’t give anyone a chance to complain about your performance at work or at home.  You have to look at de cluttering or throwing old stuff away this week as a way to maintain balance in the household.  The more utilitarian you are at this time the better off you will be.  You have a lot of opportunities for travel later in the year, but not if you don’t stash some cash while the summer burn is happening…

You may want to talk a lot this week, but people might not be listening.  This will make you wonder how valuable speech really is.  You can say a lot, but your life will do most of the talking.  Without speech, people are forced to use other modes of analysis to determine who you are in life.  Perhaps the speechless man is the most powerful and or the most intimidating.  Don’t be afraid of letting your inner strange bird fly; anything odd or out of the ordinary applies this week.  People will wonder about you and the mystery will draw them to you.  Generally the most coveted females are the ones who are reserved in their speech, perhaps something can be learned from your communication styles this week, to aid in business and love.

Don’t forget about your loved ones at this time.  It’s a great time to check in with those in need and lend a helping hand.  Just when we are looking for a direction, opening our heart is usually the best and most practical way forward.  Obviously avoiding energy vampires is paramount but if you can do that then you should do well!  You may want to lose yourself in love, but that’s an escape this week.  This is a time to look 10-20 years in the future and try to figure out what your legacy will look like if you keep heading in the same direction.  What will people say about you in the future?  If you had to judge yourself and your efforts, what grade would you give yourself?  Make corrections where necessary, forget the past and move on to a brighter future!

It’s a great week for those not involved in complex relationships.  Business and money making potential is rampant so don’t take your opportunities for granted at this time. Make some money as you have expenses hitting you this winter.  Also preventative maintenance with your health is also advised at this time!  Don’t forge to indulge in a few moments of nostalgia and try to find other activities you enjoyed as a kid, in a form of meditative sabbatical to aid in spiritual development. The past can help us carve a new future if used correctly.

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