We have all put on workout clothes and actually made it to that class in the morning, and then end up running around all day with that workout wear being our outfit of the day. Be it a weekend when we’re busy with errands and kids’ practices, or a weekday where the only obligation to look good is for the cashier at the supermarket, we have all been the lady in strech-pants and a workout top, living our lives in lycra. When this may be our less than ideal outfit, in an ideal world, at least our workout clothes can be made of eco friendly, sustainable fabrics for a healthy body and a healthier planet.


The good news is that we don’t have to look like crap when we spend the day in our sweats. There are so many fashionable, well cut styles, in flattering colors and fits, that we can actually multitask in style, even if we didn’t quite find time to squeeze in that shower.


Motivational experts say that planning the time to workout, and having something cute to wear that you feel good in, greatly increases the chances of a gym visit . If you invest in clothes that you feel good and comfortable in, you will feel more confident in trying that new barre class or  you’ve been avoiding.


Ideally, the clothes we live our lives in should be soft, breathable, flexible, and made of eco-friendly, organic cotton. If we, as consumers, can make better choices in the fabrics we choose to be near our skin, the industry will hear us and understand the importance of making eco-friendly workout clothes. When clothes are sustainably made, it is more in line with a healthy and active, free-spirited lifestyle.


So whether you’re crossing one off the bucket list and climbing up to Machu Picchu, or jamming around doing errands on a Saturday, or just waiting in the pick up line in school, when we are comfy and chic, we feel better.


RMD recommends:
  1. Satva Living-Toxin and GMO free stylish workout clothes for a healthier planet.
  2. Prana-Sustainably- versatile, stylish and sustainable active clothes for yoga, climbing, workout or swimming.
  3. Athleta-The well known workout clothing brand has introduced a line of organic workout clothes.


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