I don’t know about you, but I need some real mom life hacks as we careen into the holiday season be it spring break, summer break or the winter break. .I have pages and pages of lovely Pinterest boards of crafts, DIY projects and recipes that decorate my page. They may promise shortcuts to cleaning, cooking, and helping our kids, but sometimes feel like sad reminders of one more thing we’d like to do, but can’t quite get to it. They sit like empty aspirations to a dream life where there is endless time, ample crafting room and a Cordon Bleu chef in the kitchen.

Alas, these things are not always possible, but here’s  some good advice that we can use today, not tomorrow to mom hack our way through our busy day.


Set your damn timer. We who did not grow up with this space age technology of a ready timer at our fingertips on our i-phones sometimes don’t even think of this. But there is nothing better than a small chime of a reminder to save us from an expired parking meter, a pick up time or a conference call. It’s as easy as setting that little timer app on our phone for a few minutes ahead of time to save a lot of headaches and stress.


Sync up your calendars on your phones. This has been a lifesaver for family planning. Also create a large visible calendar on the fridge or anywhere the kids can see to advertise upcoming events. When everybody can see the upcoming basketball game, or event for the weekend, it gives kids perspective on time and a visual at the ready for making plans together.


Plan your outfits in advance. I know this sounds kind of high maintenance but too often we are the last thing we think of when we are trying to get everyone out the door in the morning. The truth is, we feel better, when we’ve pulled ourselves together a bit, and even feel great when we have an outfit on that we like.Plan for the weather the next day and arrange what you will wear down to the shoes and even scarf or jewelry.


Put your workouts in your calendar. If we don’t schedule it in, it’s all too likely we won’t get to it. Whether it’s a workout class, a hike with a  friend, or thirty minutes on the treadmill, whatever our exercise of choice may be,we must make it a priority. By finding a slot on the calendar, we greatly increase our chances of just doing it. It is far too easy to find an excuse to not get there if we don’t carve out the time.


Get an App that follows your menstrual cycle.There are many free and purchasable period trackers that will give you a clear idea of where you are on your cycle. This can be enormously helpful for fertility reasons but also for practical, “Should I say yes to that invitation or will I want to be in hiding?” questions that sometimes plague real life. 


Set a time with your partner to get the the logistics and trivial stuff talked about, handled and organized. This frees us from feeling like all of our conversations with our partner end up being about the who, what, why where and how much of it all. Get that stuff out of the way in a business meeting and then make some time for more meaningful conversations. 


Create a morning routine that honors you. Chances are we are probably up before the rest of the household anyway but find a way to make this time a little sacred for yourself. To set the tone for the day, 15 minutes of meditation, journaling, reading something inspiring with a cup of coffee. Anything that feels like your own private ritual before the chaos begins is the ultimate mom hack I know.


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