Amy Poheler

“We still live in a world where too often a young girl will be complimented on her outfit more than what she has to say. ”

1_vl-38ncko5uhz5t-9e6ylg2x-pngIt’s hard to not love Amy Poehler. She is well known for her time on Saturday Night Live and had a fantastic run with her dead on impersonation of Hillary Clinton and has turned into a major movie star with her own hit show in the series Parks and recreation. What is so unique and likable about Amy is that she is unapologetically herself. She is brave and real and just damn funny.

Amy has started an organization called Smart Girls ( which is dedicated to helping young women cultivate their authentic selves. In a world where girls are continually judged more and more on their appearance and social media persona, it is refreshing to see an emphasis on encouraging young people to measure themselves by more than a selfie stick and a virtual thumbs up.

We still live in a world where too often a young girl will be complimented on her outfit more than what she has to say. Amy’s organization is a building block in helping young girls find their voice and be heard not just seen. Their motto is “Change the world by being yourself,” the emphasis on being yourself encourages young people to honor and hone the unique gifts that we each have to share with the world and how they get lost if we try to be like someone else. By acknowledging a faults as well as our strengths, the message of the organization is truthful and real is the most beautiful and interesting.

Smart Girls stands as a beacon of hope in a world full of increasingly plastic celebrities and reality TV stars morphing into world leaders. It is a refreshing step back from the artifice culture of body dysmorphia and ever increasing surgeries and where human beings start to morph into characters from the capitol in The Hunger Games. Young girls can be so brain-washed by the images they are bombarded with on social media. It is imperative that they are given more messages on who they are and not what they look like is what truly matters.

Yay Amy Poehler for taking a leap for girls in the direction of believing that what is REAL is what is cool!

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