Woes of a Stepmom: The Crazy Things People Said When I Was Expecting

When I was pregnant with my first biological child, I was already a mother to a beloved stepson.
Throughout my pregnancy, of course, I received the usual bits of advice and stories from friends and strangers alike, but I was struck by how many people felt the need to comment on the “difference” they perceived between my first son and his brother-to-be.


Condom 101- A Safe Video to Share with Your Teens

Condom 101- In an effort to make it easier to talk about safe sex with our teenagers and building off positive examples of institutions like Planned Parenthood, I’m setting out to change the traditional talk of sex and sex health into something more relatable.

Round Two?

Do I really want a another baby, or am I simply yearning for a “do-over” with the first? Hindsight is 20/20, and of course we’d all like to go back and do those first two years with the knowledge of having done it.

Talking To Our Daughter’s About Consent

The old message to girls was that consent was a blurred concept and if you lead a guy on, and if you do, there will be consequences. What message should we be giving them now?


I Keep Yelling at My Kids| Ask Ali

  Hi Ali,  I'm yelling at my kids a lot these days. Is this OK? Ideally no, it’s not OK to yell at our kids. Do you like being yelled at? Does it scare you or intimidate you? Does it make you want to do what’s being screamed at you? Same goes for kids. Unless you are...

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