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Sandra Bullock is the Virginian born, Oscar winning actress and single mom of one. She is incredibly funny as most of her films can attest (just watch Two Weeks Notice or Miss Congeniality). She’s positive and upbeat as she was voted “Most Likely To Brighten Your Day” in high school. She is extremely successful, as according to Forbes Magazine, she is one of the top paid actresses in Hollywood. She’s also gorgeous to boot and is enormously generous and charitable.

It’s safe to say, Sandra Bullock is that celebrity that many of us secretly imagine if we just got to know each other, we would probably be the best of friends. There is a quality about her that is instantly likable and approachable, while still remaining inspirational. Her kindness is what shines through and is easy to see demonstrated in the way she gives back with her charitable work.

When there is a problem in the world, Bullock is the kind of person that opens her wallet and helps out. To the tune of one million dollars on  four different occasions for four different catastrophes. Bullock is a huge supporter of the American Red Cross and made these donations starting with The Liberty Disaster Relief Fund in 2001 after 9/11, in 2014 for The Indian Ocean Earthquake and tsunamis, In 2010 for relief for Haiti after the earthquake and again in 2011 after the Japan Earthquake. Truly an extraordinary example of one person using their good fortune to help those in crisis all over the world. She also lends support to charities for Cancer, Pediatric AIDS and PETA.

Bullock is also specific in her charitable giving. When she hears of a story that touches her heart, she acts. She was honored by a High School in New Orleans that had been nearly destroyed by the hurricane in 2005 where she donated tens of thousands of dollars for scholarship funds, band equipment and rebuilding.

Not one to judge a book by it’s cover, when deciding whether to star in the true story of Leigh Anne Touhy portrayed in the film The Blind Side, Bullock was at first concerned about the true intentions of the character, a wealthy Republican woman, in helping this poor black boy ultimately play football for her alma mater. But after meeting Touhy and spending time with her, Bullock saw that her heart was truly in the right place. This good judgement resulted in Bullocks first Oscar win.

She is also not shy of controversy and stands up for what she believes in, even if it can be messy. After agreeing to participate in a PSA about the oil spill in The Gulf of Mexico, upon learning the PSA was  sponsored by the oil company , Bullock demanded that her spot be pulled from the segment.

As a mom, Sandra Bullock has given back in the most beautiful way anyone could, by giving a home in 2010 to her adopted son, Louis Bando Bullock. And I’m sure she would say, has gotten as good as she gave. When crisis strikes, the world is lucky to have moms like her ready and willing to step up with donations, positive intentions, and most of all, with love.

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