In the current age of the next big new thing, one trend has made a surprising comeback- secondhand clothing. With the world now recognizing how much of an impact large fast fashion retailers have on our environment, the closed loop cycle of clothing is a necessity. As it used to create a negative stigma pertaining to the lack of money one had, thrift shopping has been taken to a new height with the development of sustainable clothing brands. These more luxurious clothing brands pose new light to the stereotypically “grungy” second hand stores that give the impression of messy chaos. Clothing with sustainable approaches such as organic cotton, hemp, upcycling, reclaimed and recycled materials, cut to order, bamboo, or recycled polyester, synthetic fabrics, silk, and tencel are just some of the new developments in the new age of fashion. These new technologies conserve resources, such as water and energy, while giving the ability to have a more cost effective business. Not all of these businesses are the most reasonably priced, but we have found a couple of clothing companies that are affordable and aesthetically pleasing.

Wear Pact, is a clothing company for men, women, and babies/toddlers, using organic cotton without the use of toxic chemicals. Organically certified in manufacturing and The Global Organic Textile Standard, this company produces soft undergarments that save the environment and keep you comfy.

Alternative Apparel, a clothing company and awareness blog, provides comfortable, environmentally conscious clothes for men and women while educating customers about the environment. Using organic and recycled materials, Alternative Apparel provides comfortable everyday garments for a reasonable price.


Fair Trade Winds, is a family owned business that sells artisan clothing, paid with fair wages, and made with organic cotton and other reclaimed, recycled materials. With affordable everyday clothing, this company will help you feel stylish while supporting artisans and the environment.

A more luxurious brand, YSTR clothing focuses on a slow clothing cycle. This brand constructs their garments in a process where they are made to order with upcycled fabrics to create new styles. Although slightly pricier, they are a small team of designers based in Los Angeles, trying to make an ecological difference. YSTR is a fairly new brand, only started in 2016, hoping to make a change in the garment industry and reduce clothing waste in landfills.


Shift to Nature, an Australian brand that features clothes for men, women, and children as well as ecologically friendly linens, is a company that features multiple affordable materials that are environmentally friendly. The range of fabrics offer choices for those that have certain preferences on the reusable fabric, making everyone happy.


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