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Seasonal Eating

Are you familiar with the term SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression that’s related to the changes in seasons? The change of seasons  can affect your mood, which is why there is a tendency for SAD to show up more during the winter, also called the winter blues.

Food affects your mood too. Have you ever experienced a sugar or caffeine crash? Or after you eat a big turkey dinner or a giant bowl of pasta, you want to take a nap? If you are sensitive to dairy or gluten, then you may feel a bit foggy when you consume such foods.

So, the seasons affect your mood. Food also affects your mood, which means that how you eat during the seasons also affects you and your mood.

During the cold winter months, your body may be craving warm, heavier, more comforting foods. The cravings are your body’s way of balancing the elements the season brings. Your body is smart. It knows what it wants, yet somehow your mind may be sending it conflicting information.

By design, your body wants you to eat with the seasons. It’s also helpful to think of your eating within the confines of the seasons. Winter = warming foods. Spring = detoxifying foods. Summer = cooling foods. Fall = grounding foods. Now, that doesn’t mean that you should never eat warming foods (like soups and stews) in the summer, but it wouldn’t be your standard mode of daily eating.

With the emergence of spring comes a rebirth, a renewal of sorts, which is the perfect time to rethink the foods you eat. At the onset of spring, your body is craving a “detox” by incorporating more leafy greens. Just as you peel off your layers of clothing with the warmer weather, it’s also a time to scale back on the heartier foods you’ve been coating your insides with.

Going to your local farmers market is the best indication of what is available for the season. , Or join a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), as they will send you weekly (or monthly) information about what is in season on the farm.

When it comes to spring eating, think fresh herbs, leafy greens, salads, and citrus fruits. Spring cleaning is not just for your closet but for your body too. Think of it as a decluttering and clearing out what no longer serves you for this emerging season.


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