Being a good care giver can only happen when you put self care at the top of your to do list. Have you ever travelled in a plane? If so, then you must have heard a particular safety instruction which goes something just like this “If you wish to save someone other than yourself then put on your own mask on first”. This might sound mean to you but it is the most important instruction for survival of not only you but others who may need your help. The instruction in its true sense means you must always save yourself and with god’s grace if you have the power and ability to save yourself only then you will be able to save others.

Hectic lives have overburdened most of us; especially those of us who are working long shifts to meet the needs of our kids families. Often times we forget to take care of ourselves.

Parents ignore even the most basic of their needs because they are somewhere lost in fulfilling the needs of their kids. After a while when they are overburdened and stressed they get sick and move through life half heartedly. This is when the problems start.

When you have no time for yourself you don’t understand what you want, need and desire. You feel irritable. You end up ruining your performance at work; the mood swings kick in and friction with the family members feels like your new normal.

If you wish to support and help others, you must begin by taking

care of your own needs.

self care is necessary for a healthy familySelf neglect leads to stress, anxiety and depression. Everything is a chain reaction to the initial problem and happens because of the various underlying factors. If we’re aware of  things we must do in order to revive our senses and spark our minds, we get back to life with twice the power. Here are some self care ideas to think about:

Dinner Dates

What? You can’t make time because of your schedule, the kids, and work? Blah blah blah! WRONG!

Take your husband, boyfriend, or anyone whom you wish to spend your time with out on a date. Get out for a fun evening. Take in some music after or just go and poke around a book store! You must have adult time and you must stimulate yourself in new ways! Juggling between all the roles you play are draining. GET OUT!  Rekindle your love for all things good. Who knows, you may even find yourself smooching in the park on that walk you go on! DO IT!


Work on your health

You don’t want to become a couched potato and look thrice your age just because you are not able to find time for yourself. All you need is to work out and repeat this habit every single day of your life. Taking out just one hour for yourself will not bother your busy schedule. Be the fit role model whom people and specially your kids will look upon. Set an example in front of them showing them that how you have always maintained a sink between various things and also how to juggle between various things and still be the fittest, healthiest and the happiest version of you.

self care make overIs it time for a makeover?

Sometimes just changing your look adds a sense of confidence. You can experiment with how your hair is styled and the kind of clothes you put on. It is not that looks will change the way you do things but it will only help you take out time for yourself, see your self-worth, freshen yourself up for a different direction and approach towards life. It will give you more confidence than ever.

Make a bucket list

In the early years of our lives we made those lists. You know… the ones of all the things we were going to do and accomplish in our lifetime. Revisit those wishes by going through your family portraits and taking a stroll down memory lane. If you cannot remember your young ambitions, wake up your inner child and make a list of new things you wish to do for yourself. As you do this start envisioning the steps you need to take to make this list happen. I promise, it will amp up your energy, make you feel healthier and make everyone in your family happier. If you wish to be a good, caring and a loving parent to your kids, you need to be these things to you yourself first. By taking care of yourself you become your best version everywhere whether at home, office or anywhere else in the world!

lisa-k-cheneyLisa K. Cheney:

A professional maternity, newborn and family portrait photographer in San Francisco CA and mother to 3 beautiful kids. She is great when it comes to juggling between various roles in a single day and she does it with grace! She understands the importance of maintaining the balance between professional and personal life and which is why she does not comprise on anything which includes her too!


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