1. Looking Good

Everybody wants to look good. And that includes your children. Gone are the days when a pair of jeans and a favorite T-shirt would get them through pretty much any activity, any day of the week, any time of the year.

Nowadays, your children are busy people. They’ve got schedules. They’ve got places to be and be seen. They have football at three, pizza at five and a party at Arthur’s – you know, whose parents holiday four times a year in the Caribbean and can still afford that really cool house.

Your kids are going to want to look good. Even if you tell them they look fine in last year’s hoodie, there is no way they are going to believe you. It isn’t peer pressure. You wouldn’t go to your work’s Christmas party in last year’s hoodie, would you? No, so why should your kids go to Arthur’s house looking like everyone else? Buy them something stylish that lets their personality shine.

2. How Much?

If your kids did have a work’s Christmas party to go to, maybe they could afford to pay for luxury children’s fashion themselves. But let’s face it, nothing worth having is cheap these days. If you want something that looks good and is going to last, invest in a luxury item.

Yes, that dress from the high street store is cheap and can go straight in the washing machine after your kid goes paint-balling in it. But that dress also looks cheap. And your children know that.
And yes, they will grow out of it. So, hand down a beloved family heirloom to your tinier ones. Or sell it, because these aren’t just clothes – they’re vintage in the making.

3. Comfort

Let’s be completely honest: looking good and wearing quality clothing is great, but what you really want is comfort. If that’s often the case for us adults, what is there to say about our children.

Although they may have a sense of style and may want to wear certain things, they’ll quickly shrug the clothes off if they find them uncomfortable. You’ll never find a little girl wearing high heels for hours on end just because she thinks they make her look good. No, she might try them on and walk around “just like Mom” but then she’ll be off to play barefoot or in something more comfortable.

Children need clothes that they feel good in, and which give them the freedom to run, climb, slide, play, and do anything crazy they may want to do.

So, when picking clothes for your kids, put comfort first. Don’t pick anything that restricts your child’s movement or doesn’t feel good to their skin. As much as you want to dress your child in something stylish and fancy, make sure it doesn’t keep them from enjoying all the numerous joys of childhood.


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