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There is nothing more beautiful than the wedding of a couple in love. Having a ceremony joining lives is sacred and romantic. You want everything to be perfect, and the thought of any upsets can cause instant panic. The question for most couples is whether they should allow little ones to attend their “big day.” Some people go over children at their wedding while others are nervous that their impulse control issues might disrupt the ceremony. Everyone is free to their opinions, but children have a way of making a statement no matter where they are. Photo Source: Darin Collinson

Realize the Impact of a Child-Free Wedding

You have the option to request that your day be kid-free. Keep in mind that if you ban all children from the wedding, it may keep some critical little people away. If you have nieces and nephews, cousins, or even children of your own, you may want them to be a part of your ceremony. It is not proper to allow some and not all children. What about the flower girl and the ring bearer? No wedding is complete without a couple of kids in the wedding party. Still, some couples do not use kids at all, and they prefer to keep their day an event for the older crowd.

Believe it or not, there is etiquette for inviting children to weddings. You do not want to call people and single them out about their kids as that would be rude. So you have to use the only outlet you have. Your invitation can be the perfect way to let people know your wishes. They should specify who is invited. You can choose to invite the children or leave them off. Stipulating that this is an “adult only” event lets people know your wishes without being overbearing.

Consider Offering Babysitting During the Ceremony/Reception

When you put a condition of no children on your invitations, it may exclude some people from attending. Some may not use babysitters and others may be nursing and cannot be too far from their child. All these special situations leave you with another option. You should offer a babysitter for those attending the wedding. Having a babysitter onsite or at a specified area can help immensely.

You can include the babysitting information in the invitation. Also, make sure to have an usher direct parents with children to the proper location, so that children are not entering the room where the ceremony will take place.

Some couples allow children in the main ceremony but keep them from the reception. If there is going to be alcoholic beverages and a lot of partying, then it may not be the best place for a young one to hang out.

Learn to Enjoy Your Day Regardless of Who Attends

Even if you specify no children, and even if you provide a babysitter, do not be shocked if a few people ignore your requests and bring their children in the ceremony anyway. In this situation, you must have to ignore the few children that attend. You will probably cross your fingers there are no verbal explosions at the most inopportune times. Just hold your breath and hope that they make no noise and act like perfect angels. You may get lucky and have no significant occurrences and no relatives upset about your choices.

To Invite or Not To Invite?

Children are very unpredictable, and that can be quite distracting. They can cause complete chaos and ruin the day. However, some tend to use their little quirks to calm nerves and laugh. There is nothing funnier than a flower girl lifting her dress or on a fishing expedition up her nose. Laughing tends to relax people, and most kids bring ample opportunities for a smile. Having little people at the wedding allows the whole family to enjoy this momentous occasion.

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