Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause a wide range of oral health issues, such as bad breath, increased saliva production and even loosening of teeth. You may also start craving sweet or sour foods that are bad for teeth, while morning sickness can make it difficult to follow your regular oral hygiene routine.

While it’s best to avoid procedures such as teeth whitening during pregnancy, putting off a visit to the dentist or orthodontist is not a good idea. You can safely continue with orthodontic treatment while you’re pregnant, as long as you keep the following things in mind:

  • Inform Your Orthodontist About Your Pregnancy

Let your orthodontist know that you’re pregnant before they start treatment. In some women, pregnancy causes a lot of weight gain which could change the shape of your face. You may need to hold off on teeth straightening while a new mold is taken to adjust your braces during pregnancy.

  • Discuss Orthodontic Treatment with Your OBGYN

Many pregnant women develop inflammation in the mouth, causing teeth to shift or loosen. Your obstetrician may recommend invisible braces or other corrective and preventive treatment. You can also continue wearing dental braces unless your obstetrician feels there is a good reason not to.

  • Anesthetics or Medication Will Not be Involved

Modern orthodontic treatments rarely involve anesthetics or medication. Your orthodontist can prescribe a soothing ointment to ease any discomfort, which is completely safe to use while you’re pregnant. If required, even diagnostic tests like X-rays can be performed with adequate protection.

  • Explore options that Reduce Treatment Time

Finding time to visit your orthodontist while you’re pregnant can be difficult, so consider options like computer-modeled devices for faster teeth straightening. Schedule orthodontic appointments with other family members who can help you make sure you don’t miss them.

  • Orthodontic Treatment is Easier Before Delivery

Babies require a lot of attention, and even toddlers more so. If you start orthodontic treatment now, there’s a good chance it’ll be over before all your time is focused on raising your child. Otherwise, you might need to put it off for a few years, making the problems more severe.

  • Dental Health Affects Your Overall Health

Following a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, vitamins and proteins is essential during pregnancy. If you have problems chewing your food, it’s going to be more difficult to stick to a proper diet and maintain overall health. Don’t delay orthodontic treatment if you need it.

  • Timely Treatment Prevents Serious Issues

If you’re suffering from a periodontal disease or a problem develops while you’re pregnant, visit an orthodontist at the earliest. Infections, injuries or teeth alignment need to be attended to as soon as possible, so you don’t develop more severe dental problems later in life.

While there are a few procedures you may need to avoid while you’re pregnant, it’s safe to continue most orthodontic treatments. Follow your orthodontist’s and OBGYN’s advice, and you’ll be ready to enjoy motherhood without worrying about your teeth and gums!

Author Bio: Sharon Williams’ day job is to handle digital marketing for Koch Orthodontics in Lawrenceville, GA. With a flair for creating compelling content that clears the clutter and connects with the audience in an instant, she writes about dental topics to educate and help her readers. She truly believes that a genuine smile can win a million hearts and talks to her readers about improving their smiles and overall dental health, as well as enhancing their overall lifestyle. In her free time, she likes to organize small meets in her neighbourhood where she brings people together to discuss various topics that she writes about.

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