When we think about love, two words come to mind: sweet and solid. This month’s ART STOP is a tribute to both! Rock candy: an artful kitchen-science project.

The whole process takes about 3 weeks. As your creations are forming, your rock-candy will look beautiful lined up in a window — or any place that keeps them out of potential harm’s way while the delicate crystals are forming, but makes it easy for daily check-ins.) A sure-fire way to win the hearts of any kiddo.


1 cup water
3 cups sugar
food coloring (optional)
clear glass or jar
wooden skewer

340px-Rock-Candy-Closeupweb5In a pan, pour one cup of water and turn the heat on your stove to medium.

Cup by cup, add sugar, stirring after each additional..

When the granules of sugar have completely melted you will have a syrupy consistency. Once you have syrup, it is the time to add food coloring (optional).

Carefully pour syrup into your glass container.

Stick your skewer in the middle of the container, using a clothespin to help balance and keep it in place.

Set container in a location where it will be safe and not touched. In less than a week, crystals will begin to form. In about three weeks, you’ll have a wonderful rock candy lollipop!

Have fun! xoxo

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