“ My knee jerk response: No! ”

Ha! Normal, yes. Should you allow it? Hmmm.

As the mom of a now 18 year old boy, this too was a question at our dinner table. My knee jerk response, “NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! NO, NO,NO! Nothing good happens after midnight. Get your skinny butt home! NO! And why, for the sake of all things good, do you need to bring this up at the dinner table? NO!”

Any maybe I should have stuck with that choice.


I instead said, (as if I was capable of controlling EVERYTHING) “How about we go on a camping trip and you can bring your girlfriend with us?”


And I crept around like a hawk, weirding them out, making his 7 year old little brother sleep in-between them (ACK for him).

AND the next morning they (my son and his girlfriend) went for a LONG hike in the woods, coming back all hair tossed and dewy.


So, I guess what I’m saying is: If you’re worried about them having sex, keep worrying. If you’re trying to stop them from having sex…

GOOD LUCK. What happens in the woods, happens everywhere. xoxo Mack

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