Ladies and Gentleman wind your engines!

Many times at family gatherings  a bunch of adults are sitting around talking  leaving the kids aching for constructive entertainment at Grandmas. If the Grandma in your life is anything like our GG and Granny, she’s sure to have these ART STOP supplies in her arsenal! This is also an easy one to pack in a suitcase if your’re traveling. Cousins have fun building, decorating and racing them together and often times an uncle or two can’t resist getting in on the action.

An empty thread spool.
(wood is preferable though plastic will work too)

2 wooden matches
1 bobby pin
1 rubberband 
a knife for cutting notches

On your wooden spool. Cut notches about one centimeter apart.

Score first with a knife. Space them evenly.

Cut the head off of your matchstick #1

Take your rubber band and attach the bobby pin to it.

Slide the bobby pin through the spool hole and attach the match stick on the opposite end.

Grab Match stick #2 and cut so it is slightly smaller than the diameter of the spool. Remove the bobby pin form the rubber band and slide the match stick through. If your rubber band is too large, tie a know and reattach to one of the matchsticks.

To start the Spool Racer, wind the larger match stick about 15 to 30 times. Now let it go… the race is on!

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