No mom ever wants to share her kids with another mom,  especially a step-mom on Mother’s Day.

When you planned to raise a family, you dream of having a conventional one: a dad, a mom and kids. But just like a dream, some marriages fade away for a myriad of complex reasons.

Sometimes fate has plans that we will never completely understand, but have to accept. This can be a slow process, but soon you’ll find yourself in a wholly new (even strange) family set up. You’ll also need to accept that someone will walk into the life of your ex, and that someone will forever be a part of your kid’s life, as well as yours. You surely never wished for this “extra” person in your family, but as a mother to your kids, you have to live with this reality.

honor step mom on mother's day And just like you, that new woman in your ex’s life is dealing with a complex situation. Just imagine how difficult it is for her to accept the lifelong “baggage” that goes with her partner. The moment she says “yes” to your ex husband, she instantly becomes a part of your children’s life. She is now a mother to kids, not her own.

While parenting is tough, being a step-parent is even more challenging. It’s as if there is someone always watching over your parenting skills. This poor woman who loves and cares for your kids can feel paranoid at times thinking that whatever shortcomings she might have can be turned into a big issue. Moreover, working with stepchildren will always have limitations. It is easier to make decisions with children you birthed. When it comes to your stepchildren, you tend to be more circumspect and careful. Every parenting decision is like walking a tightrope.

Saying ‘Thank You’ To Your Kids’ Step-Mom

Being a step-mom can be a thankless job – doing numerous household chores every day, juggling between work and caring for your kids when they aren’t with you. Most of her efforts go unacknowledged, for the unconditional love she gives to your kids, she deserves acknowledgment.

Of course… this comes after you’ve completely accepted your situation. 

Work hard to give a little love to your child’s stepmom on Mother’s Day. You’ve got this!

There are a lot of ways to show your gratitude to the ‘other mom’ of your kids. Here are just a few simple things you can do.


Bring her treats. A great way to show your appreciation is by sending treats her way. If you’re good in the kitchen, you can bake some cookies or cook her something you know she loves. Ask the kids for suggestions.


 Send her flowers. You can send her a nice bouquet or a flower basket that will look good in her living room. This is a very thoughtful gesture to convey your sincere gratitude to her. Just make sure you pick the right flowers and colors, so you don’t send the wrong message.


Get her tickets to the movies. On a night when you’re in charge of the children, let her leave all worries at home with an evening out with a girlfriend or dare we say it… your EX- HUSBAND enjoying a nice movie. The ticket should have flexible viewing times so she can fit it into her schedule.


Buy her a gift certificate Another perfect way to show your appreciation is by giving her a gift certificate to a boutique or store that she loves.


Treat her to a massage or a manicure pedicure. What better gift can you give to a fellow mom than the gift of relaxation?  A massage session is a wonderful way to show your gratitude for all the great things she does for your children. You can give her a gift certificate for a massage session, which she can enjoy on any of her free days.


Write her a note. This is an important one!  A personal and sincere thank you note from you will definitely leave a lasting impression on her. This would surely make her feel validated and acknowledged – something that step-moms rarely feel.

These are just simple ways to say thank you to your kids’ step-mom on Mother’s Day. Let’s be grateful for the unconditional love she showers on them.  We’re pretty sure she’ll appreciate these gestures, especially coming from you!

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