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“I’m bored!” The classic words uttered (or screamed) by every child during their summer vacation. We often picture summer as a time spent splashing in the sun and running around during scavenger hunts. However, most summer days are spent lying around, waiting for something intriguing to come along. And let’s get real, that is totally boring for your little one.

This year, make summer an extraordinary one with these out-of-the-box summer activities for kids.

Meteor Shower Summer

Is your kiddo’s dream to be an astronaut? Do your little ones love staying up late and spending time outdoors? Summer is the perfect time to plan a family camping trip around the wonder of a meteor shower! On the night of August 12th, just past the new moon, Perseids will streak across the dark night sky. The spike in shooting stars will be something your little ones will forever remember.

The best way to view a meteor shower is to ditch the city lights. Perseids will rain from the northeast around 11 pm from the constellation Perseus. Take a camping trip with the kiddos, roast s’mores, play ultimate frisbee, and absorb the beauty of nature and starlight with this perfect summer activity for kids.

Make Homemade Ice Cream

Who in their right mind would turn down a shot at tasting homemade ice-cold ice cream? Absolutely no one. For this summer activity, have each of your little ones make their favorite flavor and get all of the best toppings. You can go the old fashioned way and make ice cream in a bag or you can go all out and use a top of the line ice cream maker. You can even take things a step further and make homemade cookies for a homemade ice cream sandwich!

Hop on the Slime Bandwagon

Slime, you’ve seen it all over Instagram and your little ones have probably begged you to make it with them! The oddly satisfying, and affordable, homemade activity is a great summer distraction. There are many types of slime and can all be easily made during an afternoon. You can even learn about the science behind the creation of slime and make it fun and educational!

Dinosaur Dig

Need to entertain the kids at home? If your little ones are obsessed with all things dinosaurs, this will be the perfect out-of-the-box summer activity! If you have a kiddy pool on hand or even a large container, fill it with sand, plastic dinosaur fossils, rocks, and maybe even little candy surprises. With magnifying glasses and fossil brushes, your kiddos will feel like real paleontologists! Activities at home for kids during summer can be difficult to curate, this is a great option for getting the little ones outdoors and can be done for hours!

Berry Picking

If you live near a local berry farm or know of a park with tons of berry bushes, go nuts! This perfect free summer activity for kids is fun, outdoors, and delicious. Perhaps pack a picnic and spend the afternoon munching on berries, sandwiches, and chips while sipping on a cold bottle of sweet tea and kicking the soccer ball around. This simple activity classifies as unique, engaging, and is great for spending quality time with your children.

That’s the inside scoop on our out-of-the-box summer activities for kids! If you decide to venture out with the kiddos, share with us and tag us on Instagram. Visit the Real Mom Daily lifestyle blog for more summer inspiration and have a blast with your little ones this sunny season.

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